Sunday, November 29, 2009

24 hours in Brantford

Saturday I went to my childhood best friend's wedding party meet and greet. It was really fun. Pat and Tiffany are super cute and are going to a super fun wedding next thanksgiving. I also love how Pat has a female groomslady. Amazing. I am going to groomsladies in my wedding as well.

Opposites really attract. Pat was a semi pro hockey player, I hate sports. I'm right handed, Pat is left. He taught me how t0 play basketball so I dribble with my left.

Pat once roller bladed down a big crazy hill. I was all "Pat did it, I'm going to do it." Then I ended up falling down the hill and ripping my leg open from my ass crack to my knee. It sucked and leaked all types of crazy injury juice that his mom had to clean.

Pat and I have spent lots of time watching Mr. Dress Up and Curious George together. It's nice to have a 25 year old connection with someone.

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