Monday, November 30, 2009

Dance move of the week: Jingle Bells

So tonight I decked the halls (have I told you how much I love Christmas?) Mya Pussy's stocking goes in the middle sandwiched by the human ones. Mya's stocking is cute. It's in the shape of a fish and there is a cat holding fish bones.

I did a little dance to celebrate. I couldn't locate my santa hat or Mya's Christmas collar but we will do another dance with them sometime soon. Here is a picture of me in a Santa hat and wearing hand cuff glasses.

And here is the dance.

My parent's are super nice

It was nice to spend 24 hours back home this weekend. My mom made me potato soup (my favourite) although, there was no bacon (and she heard about that.) It was really nice to come home to my favourite meal. There was also white wine with my name on it in the fridge.

Also on my way out Friday night I asked my dad if he had gum. Usually I have but ran out Friday. I am usually a gum go-to guy for friends. When I returned to my bedroom after a shower on Sunday morning there were multiple packs of gum on my shelf. He waited until the first chance that I left the room and then quietly loaded me up. He is good at this.

Once he took me towel shopping and all I wanted was bath towels. He insisted I get hand and face towels too. I said no as he was buying. We just bought the bath towels. Then we arrived in Toronto next day. He was arranging multiple hand and face towels. He went back to the Sears, bought and washed them.

I am really lucky. I have super sweet parents who like to deliver on life's little nice surprises.

I have inherited this as well. I'm glad that putting myself before others and delivering life's cute little surprises is something my parent's passed down.

To thank my parents, I went out with my best back home friend Pat Saturday night and my parent's didn't awake to find me covered in McDonalds, blood or vomit which has been the case in the past with Pat. They're welcome. Sharing is caring!

I saw Precious today

Today I saw Precious in it's entirity. When producing commercials for it I only was given select clips. It was really good. Although a couple beers at dinner and a long day of work equaled me, sleeping and snoring on Michelle for 5 minutes. A little power nap, you could say.

It's intense but I did not cry. I think I invested too much into the commercial campaign beforehand.

25 Days yay!!!!!

Christmas is coming! I love Christmas. 25 days away!

My favourite Movies:

1) Santa Claus: The Movie - Not too many people know of this one but it is a Craig Family Tradition. Nothing is better than all 13 of us watching this close to Christmas.

2) A Muppet's Christmas Carol - I still have this song memorized.


It's been a long time since a show has got me all hot and bothered since Glee. There will be new Glee episodes this week and next and then no more Glee until April 13, 2010. That's four months away. This blows.

Here a little preview of what they will be singing in the Christmas episode.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Don Mills in tha house

This little blog has had over 226 unique visitors this month. Don Mills seem to be the biggest viewer. 111 visits in the past month. I have friends in all cities but Don Mills. Halifax, Grimsby and Weston. Who are you. Use the comment options to identify yourselves. I'll send you T-shirts.

Americans like me too:

24 hours in Brantford

Saturday I went to my childhood best friend's wedding party meet and greet. It was really fun. Pat and Tiffany are super cute and are going to a super fun wedding next thanksgiving. I also love how Pat has a female groomslady. Amazing. I am going to groomsladies in my wedding as well.

Opposites really attract. Pat was a semi pro hockey player, I hate sports. I'm right handed, Pat is left. He taught me how t0 play basketball so I dribble with my left.

Pat once roller bladed down a big crazy hill. I was all "Pat did it, I'm going to do it." Then I ended up falling down the hill and ripping my leg open from my ass crack to my knee. It sucked and leaked all types of crazy injury juice that his mom had to clean.

Pat and I have spent lots of time watching Mr. Dress Up and Curious George together. It's nice to have a 25 year old connection with someone.

Best line of the week: Stripes

So this morning as my nephews were getting ready for my mom's side of the family's Christmas get together. 4 year old Ian said "We should wear stripes, they are Unky Mark's favourite colour."

And boy they rocked them. Striped golf shirts. I confirmed with both Ian and Ben that Stripes is in fact my colour throughout the day.

I often fall: Best move ever

Never have I helped a friend, let alone a BFF have an apartment move that was so fun.

I had multiple slips, trips and falls (this always happens and is funny.) My feet are quite large and most stairs in Toronto are quite small. That is why I always fall up stairs not down. I kind of catapult myself forward because my feet don't fit.

I also walked off the ramp and went flying into the side of the truck falling into the cab.

What was hilarious and very typical of a Mark and Belle outing was that we were driving to move the couches we call Cindy, from the Brick's Cindy Crawford home line, a Bell phone repair man knocked on Belle's driver side window. Belle refused to acknowledge him, as is common in Toronto when someone bangs on your window. Then the guy said "Oooooppppeeeennnn Your Wwwwiiiinnnnnddddoooowwww." As if we were retarded. And boy were we!

This dude then said "Your cab door is wide open and your ramp is sticking out 8 feet." He went back to his car. Belle, Megs and I laughed a lot. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then we had to go and deal with angry drivers behind us. Belle and I ran out. I couldn't stop laughing as I pointed then laughed and helped to push the ramp back in and pull the back cap door down. For the record, My buddy James prepped the truck for departure.

I had a really good time with my besties during the move. I laughed so hard I was crying 5 times. Now that is a good move.

Cindy got there safe too, What a gal!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Best line of the week: Imagine the bitches

Last night I was walking in my building when a very jocky gangstery guy stopped me and said "Damn, you are a handsome motherf*cker." I laughed. He then said "Imagine the bitches I could get if I was as handsome as you." I continued to laugh and went inside.

I think that guy is going to be single for a long time. I don't think girls like to be called bitches.

Friday Falls: JLo and drunk guy

JLo took this ass smash like a champ, I give her props. I would have been rolling around ungracefully, this bitch gots springs in her ass.

This guy does not have springs in his ass, this almost made urine drip out of my privates from laughing. Amazing.

Thanks, Joni my love for sending it. Xoxoxoxoxo!

Craigs love Charity

This makes me happy. My amazing sister Carolyn is having a bake sale December 5th in Nelson B.C. at the Trading Company on Baker Street. All proceeds go to an amazing charity I support, The Stephen Lewis Foundation fighting AIDS in Africa.

Not in Nelson and can't buy a cake. You can donate here. World AIDS day is December 1st. I'll post more about this dear subject to me then.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm brushing up on my Biathon, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined

This is fun. At work I was selected to join the Olympic promo team. My sports are Biathlon, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined (ski jumping and cross country skiing.) Should amazing stories in these sports unfold I will be the one to let it unfold. Fun times.

Did you know in Biathlon if you miss a target you have to ski a 150 metre penalty lap. Someone has been studying.

I think I may hire my B.C. sister to hit a ski jumper with a metal pipe in the leg, Nancy Kerringon style so in fact I have a story to tell.

85 days til Vancouver 2010, Do you believe?

This is a really nice story

Manly Hockey coach's son comes out to his manly father. Read it here.

Equal rights bitches!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a pain in the ass

So for awhile I have been mildly suffering from a sports/exercise related issue called "TAS" aka tight ass syndrome. I am no cheap ass as it affects your glutes and you can get it from mostly cycling up inclines or from excessive acceleration on your bike. I think mine comes from the elliptical stepper at the gym on a high incline, it's pretty much the same motion of cycling. Even when I got my last massage the RMT was all "You need a lot of work on your glutes and S1 (a joint in the lower back.) I also think that my 3-4 hour weekend power walk make my glutes hurt. I take huge strides.

Today I found a number of at home fixes such as strectching on your back pulling each knee to the opposite shoulder for 3 seconds, 10 times each and also putting a tennis ball under your butt and using your hands for balance and hips to rotate your body over the ball on the floor. Both these worked. I bought tennis balls tonight. They smelt funny. I thought there was a chemical leak in my house and then I realized that the smell was tennis ball and then I felt better.

Since I get free massage through work I am going to go for another one but these home remedies really helped. My legs, glutes and back now free light and airy. If you let it go to long it can mess up your back that is not cool.

Any avid worker outer or cyclist should try this if you get lower back, glute or upper leg cramps this is great. I feel amazing.

I usually make it to the gym for last call and often don't have time for proper stretching at the end except for basic moves. I think if I go early this will help.

I also think that my hours of trying to perfect Beyonce's dance move at 1:29 isn't helping. I got the lower body down but my arms have always been uncoordinated. Not going well.

Here is more on TAS

I'm pretty retarded

You already knew this but this afternoon I realized the rent cheque that I was sure hadn't come out of my account for November still needed to come out. Therefore I spent the last weekend spending much less than usual. I'm freaking retarded. It came out 2 weeks ago. I think it's time for me to grab my finances by the balls and be better on top of them. Maybe even I should go to the bank and learn about investing. I hear adults do that shit. I should probably start paying off my date. This is could be good.

Please be careful

Too much pedestrians and cyclists have been getting killed on Toronto's road. 2 today. One may have been because a female stepped off a bus, walked around it while having an ipod on. Please remember to always stop, look and listen.

I hate how the "E" is backwards.

Watch this: Modern Family

I've been meaning to talk about this for awhile. While Glee was on World Series hiatus I fell in love with this show. It's amazing a worth a timeshift/pvr while watching Glee.

Oh no they didn't

Glee tomorrow features Eve as a rival Glee Club Director and her posse is singing Bootylicious. I've just wet myself.

Here is a audio clip of the song. All 3 of their names I think they got from 50 ghetto names.

There are also singing True Colours and Imagine.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best line of the week: puke bag

When your BFF doesn't want to do something she would "rather puke in a bag and eat it." Amazing.

Happy Birthday Dave

Out of my 5 siblings Dave is third oldest and I am number 4 and the youngest Craig boy. Today Dave turned 31. Here is why I like him.

1) He is a teacher. Teachers try to make tomorrow's shit disturbers nice.
2) Dave and his his friends used to make me the baseball bat boy. This is fine since I hate sports.
3) He made me his groomsman this summer.
4) He likes to drink. I love to drink!
5) He has a friend called Brendon that I call B-Unit. I love nicknames.
6) He has an outdoor hot tub.
7) He likes Wii, I love Wii
8) His friends used to scare me. After the wedding I think they are nice.
9) I'm jealous that his voice can project but no one can ever hear my soft monotone voice.
10) Dave once got brought home by the cops because his friends knocked lights off a chip wagon (It's Brantford, y'all.) I have a drinking under age charge but never got brought home by the cops so atleast he opened the door for criminal activity.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Falls: Risky business

Doing Risky Business can be risky as this bitch just found out.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is good (as always) Glee

Glee ended with a cover of one of my favourite songs, Lean on Me. I love that song. Today is November 18th. Where did the month go?

Makes me thinks of friends. I feel my amazing friends have been increasing amazing recently. My mom has always said I am super lucky to have Isobelle and Michelle in my life and she likes how they look out for me. I am truly one lucky guy. This crazy hypochondriac sleeps easier knowing his ladies usually put his craziness to ease.

This is cute but also bad

I came home from walking Michelle home tonight after a surprise time shifting TV marathon to find Mya Pussy eating my poppy. This seems sorta sacrilegious or something. Probably worse that I filmed it but I am a strict showbiz poppa. Don't worry she didn't eat the pin. I found it on the floor.

Here is a video with the music stylings of Mya's 3rd favourite cat, as Cat Clark doesn't sing, it's Cat Power.

Friday falls: Soccer Doctor

If I were a soccer doctor I am sure this would be a regular occurrence.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best joke I've heard in a long time

Thanks Angie baby. This made me laugh like crazy on Sunday. I made a little video because it's all in the delivery. Then I accidentally recorded 2 voiceovers at the end but I thought it was funny so I kept it.

Oh Boy, it's just okay

Every lunch hour I take a half hour long walk down Queen Street from John to Bathurst and back. The last few months I have been noticing that a new Burger restaurant being built called Oh Boy Burgers. Apparently they are "flippin' good."

So as I was walking and shopping on Queen on Saturday in the early evening I noticed it was open and decided to try it.

I ordered the Classic 3 cheese. It came with cheddar, havarti and swiss. I got the combo which came to $14 a little more than I want to pay for lunch but I'll try anything once. I got the burger and it seemed to be a bit too pink for my liking. I would've have ordered well done but the last 3 three times I have been out for dinner the chiefs have refused, since why I always stick to chicken when I go fancy. I guess there is a big difference between steak and burger but I got all flustered by the new menu.

The fries were okay not amazing. Comparable to any casual dining restaurant across southern Ontario. Nothing to call home about.

After I ate I went to the washroom and there was burger vomit in the urinal. Not in the bottom but actually stuck inside it, half way up. That means before 5pm, someone projectile baeffed they're burger. The restaurant hasn't started serving booze yet so the early vomit tme and dry bar couldn't have been from alcohol.

This made me paranoid that my pinker than what I like burger was going to make me blow chuncks. It didn't. So that made me happy.

What is nice is that the owner is from Maritime roots and in the maritimes Artists and art students get discounts. So you save the tax if you show your Art school/program student card or artist business card. Most artists will need to save the tax as they are not walking out with paying less than $14 a meal.

I like being nice and fair. I will try again in a few weeks and see if they have ironed out the issues and scrubbed the vomit from the toliet.

Super super cute

I rented the movie Up tonight, it just came out. Although I was tired after a crazy gym session it kept me up and warmed my heart.

Pixar never seems to fail.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Family game night

Last night was Toronto family game night. There were 9 of us trying to figure out how to play Cranium, we couldn't. We needed my sister/board game nazi, Laura to teach us. I am always drunk when we play at home and don't remember how to play it. I just wait for someone to tell me how to move. I do the same with Risk. I just wait for someone to tell me how pieces I get to take.

We settled on Balderdash. Angie and I came in second just one space behind. Sometimes our answers were silly and that caused us to lose but we had fun.

Angie said that the word Rachkelly was R. Kelly's real name and I said that Rambezzled was the act of a farmer stealing another farmer's rams.

We got one point for Rams but nothing for R. Kelly.

The smaller team member should always piggy back the bigger player in an effort to gain trust and team build.

Bedtime! Directing tomorrow. That means it's game time!

Music to my ears: Norah Jones

I previewed Norah Jones new album today (it drops tomorrow.) For her 4th album she dropped her piano and most of her band. I like it. Here is Chasing Pirates.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best lines of the week: Epic

This weekend was fun and epic. So much fun.

My friend Ron and I usually go for drinks on Thursdays. He canceled this week because he was driving to Miami Beach early Friday. I said to him "You are lucky there is a 2 hour Madonna special on TV tonight."

Angie Bird lost her 75th bet with her BFF Australian VJ Cat Clark and owed her a shot. So she went to the bar at Ronnies and bought her a shot of tequlia and hot sauce. Cat did the shot and thought it was gross. She went to the bartender and said "What kind of shot was that. That's abuse to alcohol service." Amazing.

And Angie Bird threw this out tonight: "You make my loins burns." Amazing.

New do

Thanks Michelle for the haircut today that has had people stop me on the street and ask where I got it done. The best beauty school drop out of them all. I love that girl! I am also happy that my beard is back since I had to shave for my trip to Dollywood.

I did over the shoulder cause it's silly.

p.s. Michelle - I think it's time we pose for more photos since that one above is over a year old. It's the most recent I could find.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh no, Friday the 13th

I am super superstitious. I either will black cats to not cross my path or run around them, I am super careful handling mirrors, I don't walk under ladders or even scaffolding (I hate scaffolding) I have perfected my walk so that I don't step on sidewalk cracks (Hi, Mom, how's the back? Love you!) Also when I moved into my current apartment and first place to myself 4 years ago, my parents got my a lucky bamboo plant contain 3 bamboos which means happiness. Over the years the bamboo has died and been replaced but I am too scared to throw out the dead ones so they live in a cup on top of my fridge. I am a freaking nut bar but doing these things make me feel better. Have a nice day tomorrow everyone.

See this movie

I am a huge proponent for anything for equal rights of all kinds of all types of people. This documentary made by Morgan Freeman about how a Charleston, Mississippi highschool still has separate proms for whites and blacks. As if this is happening in this day and age. Yet another reason to love Morgan Freeman.

Best line from the trailer: "When theres a chance to make a change, why not take it?" This is so important and not only relates to race but also disability, elderly, homosexuality and the poor, among others. The youth of today, although they can be punks from time to time really re-affirm that the problems that some people in their 50-80s still have with outdated issues are not an issue for today's youth. This makes me happy.

This is a big step in the right direction that is 50 years behind the times. It starts Friday November 13th at Varsity Cinema in Toronto.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dance move of the week: Faux fur cheetah vest

Speaking of the vest and now we dance. Father and cub styles.

Mommy is that you?

Super cute. Mya Pussy sleeping on Angie's faux fur cheetah vest.

New sweater

Today I wore a new grey button up cardigan I got last weekend. I got a lot of compliments. That was nice. I went on a shopping spree with my 2 favourite ladies of leisure (so jealous) Michelle and Cat. It always nice to go shopping with girls. I don't really like shopping. They find things they think I would like bring them to me, I try them on. If we approve, I buy. It's a good deal. Thanks ladies!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lest we forget

Don't forget to support your veterans if you haven't already. They really have gone through a lot. Where my biggest dilemma these days seems to be "beer or wine?"

They were sent to war and had to fight for their lives. I wouldn't last a second. Both my Grandfathers were involved in the military. One of them had pictures that really showed what it was like. I remember their being some random body parts scattered over a field. Veterans and the current military in Afghanistan have faced/are facing some unimaginable things.

Both my grandfathers passed away 14 years ago. My dutch grandfather used to raise the Dutch and Canadian flags from his Paris, Ontario home every Remembrance Day at 11:11. I always thought this was a tradition I would like to keep up. Once I own green space I am buying a flag pole.

Lest we forget.

Music to my ears: Tori Christmas CD

Tori Amos has a new holiday album in stores now. It includes her takes on some classics and some new holiday songs.

The preview sounds good. I'll pick it up in December.

faux fur cheetah vest

On Saturday when little Angie Bird got her roommate Elle bought her a faux fur cheetah vest in the market for $9 to warm her up. When Angie was done with the vest we ended up passing it around. I then took it. Did my runway walk for all the patrons at Ronnie Local 069. Then wore it to 2 house parties and 2 bars. I got really attached to it that night.

I got a lot of compliments too. I did cat impressions and showed strangers pictures of my dear Mya Pussy. It was fun.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

1,000 Posts

Wow! I have hit 1,000 posts. That's fun!

Friday, November 6, 2009

You have to roll with it

I have really grown to like life's little imperfections and what makes individuals unique. It's important to not take yourself not so seriously. Although I try to refrain from scaring my face, it happens. My new scar under my eye from falling on Nuit Blanche night is cool. I think it will completely go away in time but for now I think it adds character. Every scar tells a story.

It's fun to be different and not care how others think of you. That's how every person should live. It's one of life's little lessons and it feels great once you succeed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dance move of the week: Bollywood

Nothinng makes me melt like a multi-coloured Bollywood Dance number. I wore a vest with no shirt and baggy pants to bring my inner Bollywood to life.

One of my worst nightmares

Clean towel falls into a clean (as of yesterday) toilet. Can you say colour safe bleach.

Best line of the week: 30 Rock

Some random gay stand up comic tonight said:

"I'm not gay, I'm bi-larious." Ha Ha Ha!

I love the Tina Fey and 30 Rock.

I love Australians

So I have 2 favourite Australians in Canada, Elle and Angie. They actually called me today from an advertising industry party tonight to just say "That they love me and that I am their favourite man." That's a nice phone call to get. I actually become a fan of Australians on facebook tonight hours before they because I was having the same loving feelings.

Then when I thought I could not like any Australian like I like these two, Angie's best friend, Cat surprised her a week early this week and is here for 2 weeks. She is delectable.

Tomorrow Cat (Clark) is coming over to meet my cat (Mya Pussy) this shit could be epic. 2 cats in da house. I'm going to make the Catster a Canadian TV star, that's her goal over her 2 month visit. She recently didn't make the cut during a CityTV News streeter. I have the hook ups!

I lurve Australians!!!!!
I have a beloved sister that lives in Surfers' Paradise too!

I give good advice

I am a good listener and can give good advice. Although it seems I've been the one asking for advice a lot lately. A friend of mine was having a bad and stressful day at work and being cranky towards other co-workers at her job. I said to her, listen. Before you get stressed out about work you have to ask yourself, do I get paid enough that a freak out is worth it. Like is it really worth it for you to waste your time and energy complaining delaying the shitty work you have to do or should you just suck it up and deal with it. In the end it's usually not worth it.

I used to have to tell myself that a lot at an old job. And no, I did not get paid enough to let the complaining and feeling bad take over.

So the motto of the story is to shut up and just take it up the ass. You'll better in the long run and get through that annoying section of your job.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amazing: Precious

I am currently hard at work on 3 commercial spots for Precious. They hit the air next Monday. This movie looks amazing. This was going to be a straight DVD release before Oprah came on board. That Oprah, what a gal!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I often fall: Lotion slip

Last night in the Shopper's Drug Mart by my house I was carrying a big bottle of lotion. Then I dropped it. Sometimes I drop things. It spilled all over the floor. The bottle didn't break so I picked it up and decided to still purchase it as I had dropped it and I didn't want anyone else to buy the lotion I spilled out of. I then found a store person and reported the spill so no one would slip on it. My conscious makes me worry a lot about other people's safety.

I was walking back down the aisle, got distracted by 1/2 price Halloween candy and stepped into the lotion and I fell. I am without a doubt the world's biggest retard. At least I can admit it and laugh at it. It's important to not take yourself so seriously.

This lame video kind of show's what my fall looked like.

Friday Falls: Sports Stretcher

Speaking of falls, we haven't done one of these in awhile. (Yes, I know it's not Friday.)

New (to me) Dolly

Thanks to the Pharroh at the Halloween party this weekend. He told me about 2 Dolly Parton albums that I didn't know about from the late 80s and early 90s with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. Amazing!

Here are 2 other Dolly pics of me from the weekend. I make one scary lady!

I love American Beauty

I re-watched American Beauty tonight after the gym, I love this movie. I love the last scene and I really like the end of the monologue. It's important to remember to relax. I am not very good at it but I am working on it.

"I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me... but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst... And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life... You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry... you will someday. "

This is cute

Check out Unky Mark's 1 year old nephew, Aven on Halloween.


I'm very excited to be reunited with this B.C. boy this Decemeber.

This is kind of funny

Christopher Walken does an impression of Lady Gaga's Poker Face.

I love me some GaGa but I have posted about how stupid her lyrics are before.

Music to my ears: Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco (OMG!) featuring Beth Ditto (OMG!) I just messed my undies.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dance move of the week: the 5 inchers

When you tell your best friends who have seen you do a six foot high faceplant into the ground while trying to jump a picnic table, or roll across a street off your bike while multitasking or when you get scrapped off the sidewalk in front of the Gladstone to have your friends find you bloody and disoriententated, you may be accident friendly. As I am very much so. So when my friends heard I bought size 15, 5 inch heels for Halloween they started to plan my furneal.

But not only did I show up with the highest heels. I also wore them second longest, next to Cat Clark. She was only wearing 4 inches though. Here is a little dance number that includes jumps and such in my heels. Werk! I wore the leggings again to ensure I get my moneys worth.

All shaved up

I hate it but did it for the costume. Here is me clean shaven for the first time in almost 6 months. Give me a week and a half and I will be as good as new.

I LOVE Halloween

Why not ring in my favourite holiday by going as my favourite singer, the one and only Miss Dolly Parton.

With the 5 inch heels I rocked all night long (the highest heels at the party) and big blonde wig I towered a whopping 7 feet last night. Amazing! Thanks to Belle and Mel for turning me into such a hot mess last night. All the ladies thought my legs looked amazing. Only one thing I can say, WERK!

I don't own a digital camera (I get drunk and drop them) so I don't have many photos to share right now. Just what has been posted or on my phone. More tomorrow.

Here are my other favourite costumes. What a great year. Oh ya we brought it! I love Halloween!

Lady Gaga from the MTV Europe Awards and Tobias from Arrested Development in the Blue Man Group.

80's emmy Oprah
Tilda Swanton's' character from Narnia.

Basic Instinct Sharon Stone.
Octomom, this picture doesn't justify the costume, Elle had 8 tenticles hanging off her dress each holding a baby. My favourite of the night.


For the last 10 years me and my best friend Isobelle have laughed an insane amount. We always seem to get ourselves into hilarious and remeberable situations al the time. Since we are both now well on our ways of building careers for ourselves, our hangouts and tomfoolery have been limited until yesterday when we set out with the goal of completing eachother's Halloween costumes.

I had a dress but realized afterwards that I failed to allow for adequate boobable reasoning. So that brought Belle and I to Kensington Market Saturday afternoon. We found the perfect dress for my costume at Courage my love. I went into what was the smallest change room I have ever been in.

Belle noticed I was taking a while and asked if I needed help. I did. I was still in my undies not knowing where to start. So in the change room that was 2 feet wide was 6'5" me, a man who has never worn a dress before and my 5'4" best friend boyish lesbian trying to figure out the dress. It was hilarious. I drew alitltle picture.
I don't wear Grandma panties, they just turned out that way.