Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nice hair

Today in FCUK some guy was following me around, it was strange. Then he came up to me and was all "Excuse me, may I ask who does your hair?" I said "Michelle" and then he said "Michelle from where?" I said "Oh, she only cuts my hair and we do it on the balcony of her house." He was then all "How much does she charge" and then I was all "I have to buy her a box of hair dye for her. Usually between $10-$12." He then said "It's a shame she is not business." I said "yes, she a real beauty school drop out."

And then he kept looking at me and smiling (Mark whisper voice: "I think he was trying to be pick me up.") And then I was all "Okay, Bye!" Then I left.

Good work on the hair always Michelle!

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