Friday, October 23, 2009

Dance move of the week: Glee's Hate on me

Thank you this week is over. Ultimately my least favourite week in a while. These things happen and are expected. Minor bumps in life, work and friends. You can be sad or you can do as I do and dance mother fuckers!

This was amazing, Glee doing a version of my beloved Jill Scott's Hate on me. I really like fat black girls, Mercedes is awesome as well.

Sorry for the bad lighting. I was trying to catch up on a Glee marathon and knocked over my floor lap when I fell asleep and knock and then awoke to a big crash as I found my self stretching out my legs in my sleep only to knock it over and then be cleaning up broken glass from 5-6am. I also show off my wedding garter collection. I often catch them, just so not ready for marriage. This party boy isn't settling down any time soon.

Sullivan gave her students 2 instructions for this song. 1) Pop and Lock (I did it.) 2) Mariah hands (done.)

Sorry it's so long.

Here is the real cast's performance:

I love this show! Have a an amazing wet weekend!

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