Sunday, August 23, 2009


So my little blog which is just about me and my light hearted, silly and fun loving life has just reached it's 5,678th visit from over 1400 unique users. I think that pretty fan fucking fantastic. I am also being read in 46 different countries including Brazil, Kuwait, Phillipines, Singapore, Switzerland (I hope it's Shania Twain,) Kenya (who knew they had internet, I thought they just ran very fast very far since they win all the marathons.

Here are my top 10 Countries. Sad that my mother's motherland, Netherlands, has yet to view and Estonia has.

1) Canada (Thanks eh)
2) Australia (Thanks Katie)
3) USA (Thanks Mallory)
4) United Kingdom (I think this was probably Mel and Michelle from their visit last year.)
5) India (Who knew)
6) Brazil (I hope it was Lovefoxxx, singer of my favourite band, CSS.)
7) Germany (Prost)
8) Finland
9) South Africa (Mel, are telling your family?)
10) Ireland (Thanks you drunken bastards.)

See above for a map of all 46 countries that have visited.

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