Sunday, August 9, 2009

What a super fun weekend

This weekend was busy and fun.

Isobelle and I hit up the Sneaky's patio before going to my favourite restaurant, Utopia on Friday. Then some of us made it to wrong bar where Margot let me wear her wig on the way to the car on the way home. I rocked that wig.

Saturday I joined in the Aussies' marathon Ronnies session. I laughed a lot. So much so my abs hurt (good thing considering prior engagements this week made for a bad week of gym performance.) When I re-joined the Aussies' I got in shit for their face aches for making them laugh so hard. A) I only laugh when my friends are being funny. B) If you are suseptable to face aches don't make me laugh bitches. That's all. I met with the always fly Fabulous Flay (photo above) for a drink after the Aussies pussied out at their own marathon before midnight. Shame!

Sunday I had a great day on the island now the CUPE assholes will bring us there and had fun riding home in the rain, taking time out to warm up and dry off along the way.

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