Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Karen O(MG)

Wowza! Last night was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs first of 2 Toronto shows. It was simply glorious! I had an amazing time. They played for an hour and 25 minutes usually I can only gurantee good behaviour even if I love the band, 3 hour Tori I am talking to you (but still love you!) I didn't want it to end though.

What an amazing stage presence the colourfully dressed Karen O had. It was amazing. I don't know a digital camera because I often get drunk and break them or others so I just stole some pics off my friend Joni's facebook. She got there early and got front row. Since I am such a tall drink of water I can come late since I have to go to the back anyhow. The benefit of this is that I get to shake my money maker.

This is Joni singing into Karen O's mic while taking a photo too. That's one talented bitch.

1 comment:

joni said...

gosh thats was a fan-fucking-tastic night.

they are amazing.

and so are you xo