Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding wrap up

My brother's wedding was yesterday and I had a super fantastic time. More pics to come but here is a taste thanks to my cousin and blog fan club president Melissa.

Here is me walking some hot bitch down the aisle. Love you Mom!

I thought this task would make me cry as I am a crier but it didn't as the officiant yelled at me moments earlier for not walking her down until the one of my nephew ring bearers woke up. So instead I was plotting his demise with a smile on my face.

Now here are the apples of my eye, my ring bearer, newphews Ian and Ben.

Her is the beautiful bridal party beginning with my hot sisters, Carolyn, Katie and Laura. Carolyn came from B.C. and Katie from Australia. I won't see her for a year again. That's sad.

and now the happy couple. More pics when people post them.

The DJ also called me and cleared the dance floor so I could do my famous Paper Planes dance. It went over quite well. Video and pics of that to come.

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