Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I was a hit!

So my brother's bachelor was this past weekend. At first I was a little bit uneasy about hanging out with his friends for 12 hours. They are so not like me, they are jocky and like to cause damage and burn things. I like to not participate in sports and follow rules. Although I had a really good time.

I found out from my sister today that my brother Dave, said I was a huge hit as his party. I got hammered which is not out of the ordinary. Then I got fun. There was some dude there that every one called "B-Man" I love giving nicknames and already had nick named the new girl Barb at work B-Unit, like the rap group, G-Unit. So I switched his nick name also to be B-Unit.

It's fun to say B-Unit see video above.

I also was quite good at schooling the jocks at beach volley ball. So good, that I even joined the work beach volley ball team. I need no reason to be semi naked, Although, not at the office. Today I was wearing a scoop neck T-shirt and when my shirt got stuck in my chair and almost made my nipples visible I felt a little dirty.

After the party I had lunch the next day with my brother Tim, his wife, Marcia and my nephews, Ian, 4 and Optimus Prime which he would now like to be called, 2.

Good times and now that sisters and nephew, Aven are in town from Australia and B.C. can't wait for the wedding next weekend. Fun!

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Jamie said...

you should make a video I waaanttt to goooooo hoommmeee LOL