Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am a bit of cry baby

Last night I went to see My Sister's Keeper with 2 of my best girls The Fabulous Flay and Elle. I recently posted about the movie about how a couple has a daughter with cancer and then makes a genetic match baby to use for parts. Both read the book, I didn't. Flay started crying from the beginning credits. Only after 2 hours of crying to declare that she couldn't be seen in public and wrapped herself Quisimodo style in her scarf and ran to the washroom. Elle at one point was crying so hard she started shaking. Good thing tall strapping Marky was there to look after his ladies.

Spoiler Alert:
I had tears thrice which is not hard for me. When the daughter with cancer came down the stairs to meet her also cancer affected boyfriend for the hospital prom. She looked incredible. Then on her death bed when the cancer daughter wanted to go to the beach and then family went to the beach and had an amazing time. Thirdly, I told you SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! When the spare parts daughter in court broke down and said that her sister wanted to die and didn't want anymore surgeries. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Then today at the gym I am suprised I didn't get punched in the face, while on the elipitcal for 45 minutes I re-watched the Michael Jackson Memorial. I saw parts at work today but was too busy to pay attention.

J-Hud singing Will You be there (one of my favourite Jacko songs, I have 0ver 74 in my iTunes.)

And then when Paris Jackson spoke:


Then Al Sharpton
The strange remark. WHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA again. Thank Goodness their was also sweat dripping from my face

Thanks for the music MJ. I'm working on a dance move of the week but it has to be fit for a King. Not quite ready.

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