Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Marcia!

I didn't forget to wish my favourite non-blood relative a Happy Birthday yesterday. I just couldn't get the bday tribute up because I was super hammered at the Switch show (why were you not there?)

So here is why I love her.

1) She pays for everything. She is my sugar sister-in-law.
2) She's given me 2 amazing, smart and in no way annoying (I hate kids) nephews
3) She makes one of my big brother's very happy
4) She has a fun family...
5) She is the often the first person I go to when I have news to tell the family (this happens often.)
6) We go on an Oscar movie marathon yearly in February.
7) She swears like a sailor. (Fucking Rad!)
8) She takes me her cottage yearly (Let's plan this summer already!)
9) She loves the arts (I love the arts)
10) She is my dance partner at family weddings

Happy Belated Birthday Marcia! I hope it was great because you deserve it!

Love you!

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