Tuesday, June 16, 2009

People are gross

I've known this for a long time but this week has really summed it up. yesterday I was going for my usually Queen and John to Queen and Bathurst lunch time walk. I decided to buy gum as I had ran out. The first store I went to I picked my usual gum, Dentyne Shiver (Yum.) Although a worn out jaw now doesn't allow me to chew gum I do enjoy sucking on shiver like mints. (side note: If you are a gum freak like I used to be, and have popping and cracking jaw, try hard to give up on gum. It's really helped me.) So back to the story. I pick up the gum, turn around to pay and the male clerk has his bare feet on the counter. Not only this his is picking his toe nails at the same time. I panicked, I turned around quickly to think. "Do I have exact change." I thought. "No I don't, I only have a 20." I replied in my head. Hence not to have to recieve change from said foot picker. "But what if he picked his foot before or even during stocking the gum I had selected?"

This resulted in immediate returning gum to original position (I love rules) and runing out.

I thank my friend Heath for introducing me to the wonders of the steam room at the gym after a hard workout but I do have issues with it. Tonight, Some man was nude bathing in it under the tap that people used to get water to shoot up this pipe to trigger the steam. The sign on the door says not to do this, I don't understand why they have a tap in the room in the first place.

I have enough issues with being in a room with other sweaty man at 40 degress celcius. (Non-metric Countries, I can't help you but it's hotter than texas.) Another person was sleeping in the room with his head down on the seats so his lips were where an asshole (literally) could've been moments earlier.

I'm happy that the summer is too hot to steam.

p.s. Always wear flip flops in the change.

People are also gross in my neighbourhood. Someone from the building beside me threw out a white futon mattress that is naturally white but brown from who knows what kinds of bodily fluids. People have been using this sit as a park bench and sitting on it. Even girls in short short. ewwww.

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