Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I often fall, apparently more in the summer

This week has been deadly for me.

Friday at work, there were tents surrounding the building full of tweens wanting wrist bands for tickets to the Much Video Awards hosted by the Jonais. I tripped on a tent pole and went flying into a pack of tubby tweens, they were able to withstand the impact.

The next day I was on the street car. it was close to midnight and it was packed I went to move back close to my stop only to have my headphone cord get wrapped around a small teddy bear that some apparent bingo loving lady had I had my ipod zipped in my coat pocket and the actually head phones are suction cup like for drowning out sound. So they did not fall out. Instead my legs flew up into the air and then I was lying on the street car floor. I got laughed at a lot by drunken people on the street car. I handled it well although grossed out by the floor factor. Everything was been washed or disinfected since.

Today, I walked very quickly (I am the world's fastest walker and very uncoordinatedly into a glass door at work. It hurt. I yelled. I also have a brusie.

I also burnt my arm on the oven.

I'm so accident prone.

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