Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This look good

I like a movie that makes me think and takes me on an emotional roller coaster. I haven't read the book for My Sister's Keeper but I saw Cameron Diaz do an amazing interview on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, he said he cried throughout and that Oscar would be calling for Diaz. I have also heard friends say they had to lock themselves up for days after reading the book.

So if you are looking for non-blowup counter programming this summer this may be the movie for you. I'm looking forward to to a summer purge of my emotional state.

Here is the trailer.

I love to dance....

We all know it.

And now I dance...

Not great but still fun, Happy Canada Day Everyone!!!!!

All dressed up and no where to go

Mya pussy loves being dressed up as you can tell. Thanks to Aussie Aunties Angie and Elle for the sweater which was supposed to be a wine cozy but I think Mya Pussy really pulls it off.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Now this is a bargain: Hey Laaaadiies!!!!!!

Wow! If you are female, which most of you are, does Honest Ed's have a steal of a deal for you!

Honest Ed's is offering the sexiest and most stylish panties, thongs, anklets and maxi pads for 10 cents each. Damn girl! That sounds like a bargain to me. This totally puts my 27th birthday party to shame when all the ladies wore $3 nighties in all the colours of the rainbow from Honest Ed's. Theme party anyone.

Actually, I'm okay with no party. I think if you pay a dime for a thong, you deserve the Bangladesh crotch rot which is bound to come afterward. Always wash under garments before you wear.

LCBO should be an essential service

This also blows.

The LCBO is set to strike as of Wednesday. Will the government let this happen? I don;t think so. Regardless I will be stocking up for Pride and Canada Day tomorrow. Although, Beer Stores and Wine Rack won't be affected so I am covered but I would like to have liquor on hand for my vodker loving friends.

So stock up tomorrow just in case. Now that is a tip.

You're Welcome.

Grey Goose yo!

Rats and Roaches and E-coli, oh my!

Oh dear Lord. There is currently a city strike in Toronto. Meaning no garbage collection in the city. Also all of the city's garbages on the streets have been sealed off. So gross. The last time this happened it went on for weeks. The parks became dumping grounds and were piled sky high. So gross.

Already people are illegally placing garbage outside, it's a $380 dollar fine if you are caught so if you brave to break that rule, it's probably best you don't have any identifiable information your garbage.

Also, sadly the island ferry is also shut down so no beach for vacationing Marky :-(

Here is also what is affected

This blows.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yay! I'm on vacation

This week off work came fast and furious as I have to get my 4 left over weeks done by Septemeber 1.

I look forward to it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A bottle of glory

Yip, yip, yip, yippie!!!!!

My super small, crappy local LCBO (liquor store) now carries Rickard's White 6 packs. As you probably know it's my favourite bottled beer. What's nicer is that it was in the place that the Keith's White cans were. Rickard's got it so much better.

This is going to be a great summer y'all.

I have Cohibas if you want

Cohibas are Cuba's best cigars I bought some to share with people, because it seemed like a nice thing to do. I don't smoke cigars nor do I know anything about them. There are pushing 2 months old which I hear is about the expectancy.

Here is what I got direct from Cuba:

1x Siglo IV - retail in Canada for $31 will sell for $ 15
1x Coronas Especiales - retail in Canada for $28, will sell for $10
(These were bought from a certified Havana Cigar Store.) I bought more, gave them away.

22x Esplendidos (these could be fake I traded clothing to a resort worker from these. I hear they are real though.) If real retail for $55. I will offer one to try for free then we can work out something. I would be okay with clothing.

Let me know.

I'm a pretty efficient person

2 things are currently annoying me about shopping these days.

1) The new having to purchase plastic bags in Toronto while shopping. Don't get me wrong I think it's amazing but I think people who are checking out need to be prepared. Case in point. If your backpack is already full don't wait until after checking out to re-arrange your bag on the belt holding up my groceries from being checked through.

2) The chip debit cards. This shit takes like 4x as long as the usual stripe cards to process.

All this wasted time is holding up my drinking time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amazing: Public School 22, Staten Island, NY

Probably you have heard and seen some of this before. Mr. B, the music teacher at an NYC grade school gets his amazing music class to do renditions of some of today's hit songs.

Here the class does a cover of my all time favourites, Tori Amos' song Flavour (a week after the new album has been released. By the way the new album is the best thing she has done in 10 years.)

And one of their biggest fans besides me is Perez who requested "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga. I do have issues with 11 year old girls singing about being hammered and not knowing where they are or what's going on but it's still good. Happy Summer PS 22! You deserve it.

I often fall, apparently more in the summer

This week has been deadly for me.

Friday at work, there were tents surrounding the building full of tweens wanting wrist bands for tickets to the Much Video Awards hosted by the Jonais. I tripped on a tent pole and went flying into a pack of tubby tweens, they were able to withstand the impact.

The next day I was on the street car. it was close to midnight and it was packed I went to move back close to my stop only to have my headphone cord get wrapped around a small teddy bear that some apparent bingo loving lady had I had my ipod zipped in my coat pocket and the actually head phones are suction cup like for drowning out sound. So they did not fall out. Instead my legs flew up into the air and then I was lying on the street car floor. I got laughed at a lot by drunken people on the street car. I handled it well although grossed out by the floor factor. Everything was been washed or disinfected since.

Today, I walked very quickly (I am the world's fastest walker and very uncoordinatedly into a glass door at work. It hurt. I yelled. I also have a brusie.

I also burnt my arm on the oven.

I'm so accident prone.

Friday Fall: Chair Sling Shot

Thanks Joni for sending this in.

Regardless of the latter portion of this video. It's still hilarious.

I laughed loudly first time

People are gross

I've known this for a long time but this week has really summed it up. yesterday I was going for my usually Queen and John to Queen and Bathurst lunch time walk. I decided to buy gum as I had ran out. The first store I went to I picked my usual gum, Dentyne Shiver (Yum.) Although a worn out jaw now doesn't allow me to chew gum I do enjoy sucking on shiver like mints. (side note: If you are a gum freak like I used to be, and have popping and cracking jaw, try hard to give up on gum. It's really helped me.) So back to the story. I pick up the gum, turn around to pay and the male clerk has his bare feet on the counter. Not only this his is picking his toe nails at the same time. I panicked, I turned around quickly to think. "Do I have exact change." I thought. "No I don't, I only have a 20." I replied in my head. Hence not to have to recieve change from said foot picker. "But what if he picked his foot before or even during stocking the gum I had selected?"

This resulted in immediate returning gum to original position (I love rules) and runing out.

I thank my friend Heath for introducing me to the wonders of the steam room at the gym after a hard workout but I do have issues with it. Tonight, Some man was nude bathing in it under the tap that people used to get water to shoot up this pipe to trigger the steam. The sign on the door says not to do this, I don't understand why they have a tap in the room in the first place.

I have enough issues with being in a room with other sweaty man at 40 degress celcius. (Non-metric Countries, I can't help you but it's hotter than texas.) Another person was sleeping in the room with his head down on the seats so his lips were where an asshole (literally) could've been moments earlier.

I'm happy that the summer is too hot to steam.

p.s. Always wear flip flops in the change.

People are also gross in my neighbourhood. Someone from the building beside me threw out a white futon mattress that is naturally white but brown from who knows what kinds of bodily fluids. People have been using this sit as a park bench and sitting on it. Even girls in short short. ewwww.

Now that's some good head-er

I've changed the header to make it more summer like. Do you like it? Nothing says summer like Marky in various states of undress. Those are old pictures too. Next week I'll show off my new buff gym bod.

Sorry for not blogging so much the last 4 months. This has been due to many reasons, some good like new people in my life taking up more time and being busy at work and some bad, flu and mono. Ewww. I will try to post at least one new post per day.

You guys have really been there over the past month despite the lack content. 200 unique visitors in the past month and 675 page views.

Since I have been calculating in September 2008 I've had almost 1,000 unique visitors, almost 5,000 visits and nearly 6,000 page views. That's awesome.

Shut out to my known daily readers, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Pat and Melissa, my brother Tim, Auntie Karen, Sisters Katie, Laura, Carolyn and Marcia, Cousin Kendra, Joni and Michelle, Nick and Sonia, The Fabulous Flay, Mallory from the U.S.A and my mom, Willy.

If you are a daily and regular checker and haven't let me know please do so. You'll get a shout out!

Things will even get more interesting in about a month or so. I can't wait!

Thanks for reading bitches!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Watch this: Nurse Jackie

Did you guys like me take a minute this week from re-watching True Blood Season 1, to watch the preimere of Showtime's Nurse Jackie on TMN in Canada.

What a great show. It's being promoted as a dark comedy but I didn't find it so funny. Nurse Jackie is crazy but crazy in the way you would want a heroine to be on a crazy dark comedy.

Spoiler Alert (first time I ever wrote that.)

In the premiere episode Nurse Jackie signs the back of a bicycle carriers license so that his organ's can be donating much to his family's surprise, She flushed down the toilet the ear of an African diplomat after a hooker sliced off his ear while he repeatedly stabbed her. You also see her get very inmate with her co-worker only to end the first episode by going home to her loving daughters and husband. Oh and this bitch is addictive to drugs.

What a crazy show. I love it. Check out these poor quailty promos.

Happy Birthday Michelle

So Marky's got a lot of great ladies surrounding him and one of his favs celebrated a birthday on Friday. Happy Birthday Michelle! Here is your list of why you are awesome:

1) she is amazing cook, including sushi and tacos (Yum, Yum, Yum!)
2) She is the led singer of my favourtie band and dedicates songs to me.
3) She gives me free monthly haircuts
4) She sings karaoke with me (I love to do it but ain't no good so I just sing choruses.)
5) She mends my clothing when they need love.
6) She watches models with me.
7) She sets me up with dating prospects (I hope the summer will bring us better luck :-)
8) She has always been there for me when I needed her, especially the past week.
9) She brings Reggie the dog over. I love him like I've never loved another man.
10) She has coined sayings I like to say like "That's friends"
11) She was a good roommate, minus the george forman, coffee mate debacle.
12) She really looks out for good ol' Marky, Willy and Phil should be proud.
14) She is super honest, even when I don't want to hear it. (I skipped 13, like in elevators, it makes me nervous. I'm superstitious.)

Happy Birthday Michelle (I hope it was worth the wait!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Music to my ears: Datarock, LIttle Boots and Sonic Youth

Spinner.com, my favourite site for new music is previewing music my Datarock (my favourtie duo from Norway,) Little Boots (Being called the next big thing) and Sonic Youth.

It's worth checking out.

Friday Falls: Brett Michaels

Sorry I haven't posted a fall in a long time. This one is well worth it. Douche Bag Bret Michaels gets taken down by a back drop last night on the Tonys.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My new top 25

Here is my new top 25 played songs on iTunes. You will find lots of CSS (unfortunately I hate the song I Fly but it is inbetween 2 good songs so I usually wait it out.

Happy Birthday Joni

It was a busy week and I haven't had time yet to give Joni the birthday love she deserves. I think she is the biggest blog fan.

So here is why Joni is amazing!

1) She is a masseuse. Everyone needs to know a masseuse.
2) She can pick me up. That's important. Sometimes I get very super drunk.
3) She plays guitar in my favourtie band.
4) She reminds me of the my buddy doll.
5) She gots wheels.
6) She really makes me laugh. Lots.
7) She likes to listen to Portishead.
8) She is one tough bitch.
9) She is like a 15 year with A.D.D. at Ontario Place.
10) She loves Cheese. So do I.
11) She does things that I want to do, but am too chicken to do so.
There's lots more!

Happy Bday Jones!

This is good: Bud Light Lime

So this Bud Light Lime shit is actually pretty good. It tastes kind of like a mix between Corona with Lime and 7up. Atleast I think. It's very good. Try it this summer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finger Nail Update June 2

We are almost there....Since I caused such damage on that fateful Oscar Sunday slamming my fingers will trying to close a window that opens from the side (I always forget if it's vertical or horizontal, if it was paper it would be landscape, I do know that.) We've been hoping for the best and I think we're going to be okay.

Now let's take a look back at the whole ordeal.

February 22 - Everytme I look at my nails I will think of Oscar.

Feb 23 - The day it turned so ugly

Feb 27 - Now I am just being crude. My mother would not approve.
Mar 5 - I now know why people wanted to barf when they saw my finger nails.
Apr 5 - Between the last 2 pictures I had the mono. In this photo I am looking for a place to slit my jugular because these nails haven't served me well (Tiga reference.)

Apr 28 - Mono is gone and freshly back from Cuba. The saltwater love helped to rid my nails of the sections of dried blood.

May 22 - getting closer.
June 2 - Really really close to good as new.

Dance move of the week: The Doritos shake

My love of Doritos has been well documented on this blog. They are currently spicing up the original nacho cheese flavour with 2 new flavour shot add-ons, Chili lime and barbaque. I choose chili lime because bbq is not my favourite. So I thought a new dance was needed.

The chips were good but like kernals popcorn shakers I find the powder makes you cough. As you can sexily see here.


I know Perez posted this today but I thought I would post for people who don't read his blog.

I often spill

Today I felt I deserved ice cream on the way home from work and boy did I. Little did I know until I got home from the gym that I had ice cream all down my spring jacket. I went to 3 different stores and the gym this evening. Apparently with this sexy stain in toe. I'm a complete mess.

I can't wait...

HBO's true blood season 2 premiere next Sunday June 14. This was my favourite show from last season and I am happy it got bumped up to Summer (it aired in the fall.) Six Feet Under (my favourite show) creator Alan Ball is incredible.