Thursday, December 31, 2009

I won't be home for dinner...

I am going out for business! Bahahahahahahahaha!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5, 4, 3, Open Sesame. Happy New Year!

I usually I am not a big New Years Person. Usually I spend the night in a cab going from party to party. But this year I have a friend's neighbourhood party to go to. I do love Champagne and Confetti. I will be bringing both and enough confetti poppers that wouldn't allow me on a flight right now.

My New Years tip for you: To avoid the sweaty drunken kissy mess that happens as the clock strikes Midnight, go hang with the smokers outside. Allow the orgies to happen then go back inside. Very smart. Please follow this. You're welcome!

Here is one of my favourite songs from my favourite musical, Rent, Happy New Year B.

2nd Christmas Wake Up Call

When you go to bed after getting into the wine on Christmas Eve and then get up at 7:30am with the nephews it's a tough life. Here is cute Aven finding out out what happens when you wake Unky Mark up from his post present but still before 9:30am nap. 40lbs baby + no gym in Brantford = good work out.
I love being an Uncle! Gotta love the kids!

Happy Birthday Bonnett!

One of my besties from College just turned 29. I will join that elusive club in a few months.

Here is why we love Juli:

1) She married a Brantford boy, can you blame her. Hello!
2) Grey's Anatomy and Swiss Chalet wouldn't be the same without her.
3) She had a fun wedding in Cuba this year. I swam lots!
4) I caught the garter at her wedding. I hang it on my lamp. It's not true what they say.
5) She is a good friend to talk too.
6) She gives me rides home sometimes, or always asks, that's a good friend.
7) She is a good dancer.
8) She sometimes talks in funny voices
9) We are going to see Rent on stage and Nine at the movies. We love the musicals.
10) We are cat people.

Love you! Happy Bday yesterday!

Dance moves of the year

Here are my 10 top favs! Click the links to dance along. Much like Mr. G in Summer Heights High. Mya and didn't get to do a Christmas Stadium Spectacular this year. We were too busy practicing for the Beyonce dance off with Natasha. So here is a little taste of the Beyonce below after the links. Happy New Year!

Cheetah Vest Pussy Cat
Recycle Dance
Paper Planes at Brother's Wedding
The Physical
The Sprinkler
Snuggie (I think my fav) Some Lindsay girl said I look damn hot Grrooowwlll. I do not know her.
Cuban Fun (I like this one too.)
The Mya reunited

2010: Start again

The big tag line for the year 2010 is "Start Again." 2009 was a huge year for me. I went through incredible personal growth. I really came into my own over the past 12 months. It feels great. Friends say I finally look comfortable with myself and stand taller. True that!

I absolutely adore my tight group of friends and family. I feel such a warmth and completeness when I leave them. Work is going great and new career tasks will challenge me and my creativity in the new year. I had some short lived relationships this year. You live, you learn, smile, laugh, don't look back and move on. Maybe sometimes nice friendships happen. Sometimes not. It's all good.

2010 looks like it's also going to be a great year in all aspects. I'll become Unky Mark of a 4th niece or nephew. Fun! Work is looking good. Family and friends are amazing. All other aspects are looking good too. Hubba hubba!

This year I felt it most important to make resolutions. The even number ones are fake but add extra sass to this post.
1) This book and my new personal trainer are going to make me buff and tough. Grrr.2) Stop having raunchy one night stands in Christie Pitts Park. (Even is fake remember!)
3) Cut back the vices (drinking, etc.)
4) Stop grinding old ladies in the No Frills.
5) Cut some clutter.
6) Get Mya on to dancing with the stars. She has it in her!
7) Get the debt down (Good thing for Friends Fridays, stay in nights over the winter.)
8) Neighbour crackheads are not good housesitters.
9) Finally finish one of my many screen plays. That would be nice.
10) Stop flooding the stores beneath the apartment. A new one is coming in.
11) Always leave a room with a sashay. Werk!
12) Remember that a drunk text is usually a bad text and will end up on "texts from last night."
13) Never loose your smile, spunk or spark (I am good at this already.)

Happy New Year Lovers!

This is quickly becoming my trademark

I didn't know that I did tiger paw so often. People in the line up for bars or in the bars or even on the street have ran up to me and done the Marky Tiger Paw to me. Some that I have no idea who they are. Also one person did it to my outside the bar, I did it back and her friend was all "So that's the guy you got it from." Tiger Paw is catching on for 2010.


Check it out one last time for 2009. Tiger paw is coming to an establishment near you in 2010!

Music to my ears: Best movie of 2009

Last year I posted a blog each day about my favourite CDs. F-That this year. This blog brilliantly posted their top albums. Thanks Mike for showing me.

I think they left out Pink Mountain Tops, Dirty Projectors, Florence and the Machine, Friendly Fires and Bat for Lashes among others but still check it.

Sharing music is fun!

I've included a photo of me and my friend Danielle for fun and because I ike it. It's cute although I am engulfing half her face with my large cranium.

Yummy: Mercatto

Yummy! If Terroni is your naughty boy/girlfriend who you let behave badly because you want them so much Mercatto is your classy boy/ladyfriend. Same idea, same price, great service.

It's also not as crazy busy or crammed as Terroni. And if in fact you were to go on a date there. It would be a great place to go. Very romantic. I can attest.

Check out the website including the 3 Toronto locations here. The Toronto street location is the best.

I'm back!

I don't think you missed me because I don't take this blog to seriously but I took a little blogcation over the past 3 days. But I'm waving in the pic. Hi friends! Daddy's back!

I have been busy going to work and celebrating the season with my amazing old and new friends.

Saturday I met my besties at our local Ronnies in the market and then just when I thought I couldn't have any cooler Aussie friends. I meet my new friend Michael at the Beaver watching my friend Margot perform Lady GaGa covers. Amazing!

Sunday my friend Meghan had a Christmas cookie and festive drink open house. It was really fun. I learned that my coordination was not good enough to play DJ Hero. That shit is hard. But Mel is a good slider. So much to do with your hands. We then went for a big dance at the Drake, A band that ryhmes with Soly Duck and won the Polaris prize this year played a DJ set. "Wrongbar" for the 2nd time in as many weeks lifted up my shirt and blew on my stomach baby styles. I kind of like it though. So it's okay. Do you know what is fun? When you keep texting your friends at a party and you say who you are texing "Someone at wrongbar." Then that person gets the nickname Wrongbar. Good one Michelle! That's fun.

Monday after having lunch with my cousin and doing laundry which saw multiple pairs of clean undies blow out of my basket and down the street. I left them. I took my cousin now from Calgary for an Ossington Pub crawl. He researched the strip before he came and a blog called it Uber Cool. I think this must have been an older blog. We hit up my favs, Crooked Star, The Ossington, Sweaty Beattys and Baby Huey. I knew bar staff or patrons in each place. I don't think this means I am uber cool. I think it means I am borderline uber alcoholic. Thanks to my favourite servers Jason and Jonathon for the fun times.

I'll talk about Tuesday above. Yummy!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yummy: Turkey sandwich

Yummy! I am so jealous of all you who still have turkey carcus in the fridge. I pounded back 3 turkey sandwiches over the last 2 days. Turkey, lettuce, whole grain flax bread, mayo and black pepper. Yum!

Do it for me if you haven't done it yet. You will love it.

Home sweet home

It's always nice going to my parent's. The house is always clean. There is always milk, beer and wine. It smells good. It's decorated nicely. I like my family. My dad loads me up with gum, LCBO gift cards and always a bottle of wine that he has read won an award. That means it's good. Over the Christmas break my mom mended 3 sweaters that I love. I ripped them during crazy public washroom makeouts. Moms always fold clothes nice too. My folding always looks like crap.

It is also nice to come back to my place. I like it here. Mya is now in the annoyed stage for me leaving her for 2 days (the max you can leave a cat alone for.) At first she was happy I was here and she got kisses. Now she is being a stuck up bitch and ignoring me. I even gave her wet food.

The hour train ride was almost 2 hours. The train was nuts. People kept loosing their bags. I had a bag in each of the presiding cars that I was sitting in. I had well over a thousand bucks worth of clothing, electronics, cash and presents that I told the lady if one bag goes missing I am going to come looking for her to find it. I had to sit in a 4 four person seat section. I have super long legs and the old guy in front of my kept making out with his wife (she was much younger, it was gross) but he was wearing boots that you would put a 4 year old in. Big and clunky and he was taking up all the leg room so I crossed mine to the side and kept tripping people. Then a nice old lady sat beside me. She was so cute and nice. We talked for about a half hour. She was coming from North of Detriot from her sons. Her train ride was like 7 times as long as mine and she still had more train rides ahead of her to Brookville. I stopped complaining to myself, if this old broad can do it, so can I. She gave me a hug and at the end of the trip. I liked her.

My social life is happy I am home. Already have been invited out to 3 things tonight. In Brantford you are lucky if there is one thing every 3 weeks.

I am going to make Mya pose for a family picture now. Bitch better recognize

Friday, December 25, 2009

Yay! Christmas Cheer

Thanks to everyone who called, emailed or texted Christmas Cheer today. My phone got a work out.

Special shout outs to Isobelle, Michelle, Joni, Mel, Cat, Birdie, Ronn, Winnie, Flava Flay, Liana, Bonnett, Monica, Michael, Aleysa (and her pre-Christmas gift. ) Mike, Chris, Rosemary, Melissa, Aunt Pat, Dave and Ainsley, Tim, Marica Ian and Ben, Carolyn and Aven, Mom and Dad, Laura, Katie and Nicole S,

Christmas firstly is all about the love and I feel it and feel very blessed to have such wonderful people surround me.

I am very fortunate to have such a tight group of people wish me all the best and me to them. I think I finally got through my phone wishing everyone the best of the season.

With friends, family, job successes, getting to know exciting new people and parties coming up 2009 is ending on a very high note for me. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. I am very excited to start again in 2010. Fun times I tell you.


Christmas with the nephews

I live to spoil my 3 nephews. Here is some candid video of them this Christmas.

Here is 5 year old Ian opening his Rescue Heroes from Santa, He originally asked for Bob Buoy then changed his mind last minute and asked for Kenny Ride and Captain Cuffs. Santa and ebay was able to get him Kenny and Bob but Captain Cuffs didn't arrive on time. These toys are no longer made but the elves remembered how to make them.

Here is 3 year old Ben opening his female Rescue Heroes. Ben is smart Ian doesn't like playing with the ladies. Ben has declared his love for the ladies. So if Ben gets the ladies they are all his and Ian never steals the lady toys from our little ladies man.

And little Aven sure did get the Craig genes.

Happy Holidays everyone!
OMG! Being a beloved Uncle is the best thing ever!

Christmas is fun

I've got a lot of flack from family members for saying that my my sister Laura sucks and/or blows. We both knew it was a joke. Laura searched the city high and low for the bissell little green machine for my sister in law Ainsley. She couldn't find it for as cheap as I did so she didn't buy it. Which meant I had to bring it home from Toronto. It was big and would've sucked for public transport but that all changed when Michelle gave me a lift.

She really doesn't suck and/or blow. She is quite awesome. It was a joke. Relax. Laura did get me the only thing I asked for, a salad spinner, with a non slip bottom and actually it has a brake button amazing!

I also got clothes, some cash, homemade peach jam from my sister Carolyn (I love peach jam!) and Oso Negro decaf coffee from Nelson, B.C. My favourite coffee shop while visiting my sister. My cousin Mike and former Toronto drinking buddy gave me some in depth personal gym training advice and and a book of exercises. Amazing!

I must have been a very good boy this year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

An eventful Christmas Eve

I had a busy day. After dancing to Beyonce and Dolly and M.I.A (I got really good feedback) til 2 in the morning I got up early and got picked up by friends who took me to my brothers. I struggled with my four bags on the sidewalk but after seeing it not work well and me laughing from the situation Belle came and helped me with my bags. She is good like that.

Then immediately upon arrival I took out a poinsettia planter and my 5 year old nephew with my gym bag. Later on I tripped his 3 year old brother and I capped off the night by my pregnant sister-in -law tripping over me. She is fine. Being clumsy always gets worse in Brantford. I also told my brother Tim what one of his presents was by accident. His wife told me she had bought it but didn't say it was a surprise for Tim. Now that is funny.

The night was filled with my favourite things: Turkey, alcohol, nintendo, family, ninamo bars, board games (Laura and I won in Cranium!)

We skyed with my sister, Katie from Australia, She took us for a tour of the hotel she is living in with a pool, where she is spending Christmas. Since it was sunny there the sun glare was casting shadows on the video she was in. She almost looked black so we came up with the name Sha-Kay-Tay and I worked it in throughout the night. It was sad not to have her here.

It was a full house of 12 immediate family members. I am the night owl so I am the last one to go to bed. I actually was here when Santa came. We had a beer together.

Check out the haul. It's packed all the way under the tree too. I am going to be awoken by 3 very excited nephews. I can't wait. There will be an early morning wake up call. Which means I should probably go to bed.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

This is good: Head massager

The first time I tried a head massager this week at Belle's place I didn't know whether I should throw up or get really, really excited. Now I love it. Everyone at the Christmas Eve Eve party got a head massage from me (will most people, the ones I liked anyhow.) I didn't use it on me afterwards. I did me first. Lice fears.

They sell them at Propaganda on Yonge Street in Toronto. I will be hitting it up on Saturday.

Christmas Joke

What is the difference between Santa Claus and Tiger Woods?

Answer: Santa stops after 3 hos.

Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Poor Tiger looks so sad.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another reason to love Michelle

My younger sister Laura really sucks and/or blows (guys take note.) She failed to buy the big gift making public transport to Oakville tomorrow difficult.

In comes Michelle who has borrowed a car for a week. She is driving bright and early tomorrow after our Christmas Eve Eve party. Love her!
Beyonce dance off here we come! I have been practicing.

All cleaned up for mom

Thanks Michelle for the haircut and thanks to Bella for threading my unibrow back into 2.

Mom, Marky D is all cleaned up for you!


Amazing: Elle's goodbye video

Here is the video the amazing Angie created for Elle. Here you will see me in a strapless dress, prancing upstairs. My father will love this. At least I am not prancing in traffic.

Having no shame really is life fulling.

Untitled from angie bird on Vimeo.

Now enough about this bitch. She has gotten a large piece of my blog real estate these days. This is going to stop right now. Back to all Marky, all the time. Smell ya later sucker!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Elle Out: He is where I get mushy

She won't leave the country for a couple days but I have said my final goodbyes to my good friend Elle.

She wrote me a beautiful letter, one excerpt said:
Please promise me you will never change. You're just too damn good the way you are, and I know you will be a happy man. And it's only a matter of time until you find a hot hot someone that loves you just as much as I do.

I feel the same about her and wish her the same. I am pretty happy with me as me and have no plan on changing.

I guess some friends come into your life for a brief time and leave a big impact. While others stay in your life for longer and leave a consistent steady impact. The first part of the year Elle and I seemed to share the same relationship life to the day. Got our grooves back the same day, another day we met siblings at the bar. It was nice to go through that with her.

I am going to miss the way my current wingman's face lit up as she would run over to me and give me a big hug as I enter the room. I am sure my reaction matched hers. Especially when I showed up in Cheetah vest. I am also going to miss washing the dishes after our True Blood parties. I will miss the theme parties, outfits and wigs.

I will miss the hugs. I will miss being able to call her up and ask her if I acted bitchy in a situation. If you don't shock Elle you were not out of line and they had it coming. Also I will miss laughing on the Ronnie's patio, Yes, Yes, Y'all dancing, parties at the Gramarcy, marktini parties at my place and how our group fit so well together among other things.

I will miss Elle's foul mouth, the amazing way she complimented the amazing Angie. I will miss the way she called us all possums.

I am happy I now have multiple Australian connections, I can't wait to visit.

Elle is going to make some Aussie man very happy and be an amazing mother to some beautiful Aussie kids. She has it in it her I can tell. She is also going to rock the Australian advertising world with her mad copy writting skills.

I am glad facebook and skype will keep her close as I am not ready to let go of this amazing friend. Also I will probably get drunk and do something stupid and need her to tell me they had it coming.

This is a fond farewell to a friend who will always be close. I hope everyone out there has their own Elle, it would be a shame to not have someone as special as her.

She would always end friendship sessions by saying "I love you." I would always respond "I love you more." and that my friends is the truth.

She asked that I take care of the ladies (Done! Although, I think they take care of me other than vice versa.) She also asked that I keep being fabulous. Girl, I will try not to let you down. 2 snaps and 1 clap.

Love you Elle!

Dog move of the week

Reggie and I have been put to shame but not for long. Look out bitch! We be practicing.

Thanks to Michelle's step-mom Audrey for this.

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Kenny and Dolly for you

This song is really pretty. It was nice walking out at lunch today and on the way home. Love was in the air. Lots of couples giggling, holding hands and kissing. Nice to see during the crazy busy Christmas time.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

3 more days

Yay! Fun! Christmas is almost here.

I've only asked Santa for a non-slip salad spinner. I take salad very seriously. Today at work Monica got me beer and Coffee Crisps. Mmmm Yummy.

To get everyone in the Christmas spirit here is a video of a drunk Keifer Sutherland jumping into a Christmas tree.

Sometimes I go a little overboard

Just yesterday I realized some of the presents I have purchased for the Craig Family Christmas are going to be a real bitch to get to brother's in Oakville this year on public transport where his family picks me up and we continue to go ol' Brantford, Yippie Ka Yay! I don't know what I was thinking, I get carried away with gift giving.

Good thing I have a sister who is on Christmas Break. Laura is going to re-buy locally and bring home and even wrap (Please? Oh come on! Stop being like this! What else do you have to do? I will shoot you in the face with a foam rocket again! Great! Thanks!)

This will make my Christmas Eve Day more relax and enjoyable after our Christmas Eve Eve party. I will be into the wine.

Thanks Hoe!
Christmas really does bring families together.

Christmas cheer from down under

Fun! For the first time ever my youngest sister Katie will not be home for Christmas. She is stuck in Australia. Sad. But she did send some cute cards with kangaroos on them. I love kangaroos.

Don't feel too bad for her though, Christmas Eve in Melbourne is going to 28 degrees. Lucky bitch!

Merry Christmas Kido! Mya's card will not make it in time because I couldn't be bothered to work out Australian shipping. Oh well. Shit happens!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Start packing

This pic is from last Christmas. Elle's last supper, Reggie's 77th birthday was fun last night. Although Elle did spill my $8 pint of Rickard's White I got at last call before I could even drink it. It's time for her to leave my country, Rockie Mountains in toe. Immediately.

I did shoot her in the face with whipped cream hours earlier but none the less, chop chop! Get a move on!

Her best friend and my skipping partner Angie made a beautiful goodbye video, which included me in several stages of ladies clothing and undress, I have a lot of lady friends that bring out the lady in me. It also capture cute Elle's amazing time with her friends on this continent. I think I cried more than Elle too during the screening. I am such a pussy. It was set to Journey's Don't Stop Believing.

Elle got a shirt from Roots that said I heart Toronto from me, so that when she wears it she can remember all the good times she shared with friends and how much she is loved in Toronto.

Michelle and I also serenaded her with our Karaoke stylings of Kelly Clarkson's Since you been gone and Natasha Beddingfeld's These words. You can participate at home below. There was karaoke both nights. Fun. Cat, Aleysa and I did a Dolly Parton double bill in a Korean town Karaoke box Friday night, 9 to 5 and Jolene. I love the private room Karaoke boxes in Koreatown. I love Elle more.

Elle gave me a Christmas present last night as well. I was supposed to wait until Christmas but then the party conversation turned to my epic falls and she thought it was appropriate to give it then. She loaded me up with band-aids (I often fall.) Plus a tea towel that says I'll Wash, You Dry because I always wash the dishes at our dinner parties.

Reggie loved his Kong, we got a bday dance in and he also got whipped cream for dessert. He deserved it. We got to have Baskin Robbins cake in his honour! Mmmmm! Yuummy!

More on Elle and party photos later, there are some good ones.



I've added journey as well because we all like it and it was in the video.

Wal-Mart is open 24 hours

Tonight at 9pm I went to Wal-Mart to buy some gifts for the Christmas Wish Charity. It wasn't packed at all actually kind of nice. The store was a mess but I was able to get what I thought were appropriate gifts for an underprivileged little boy and girl. Nothing says Merry Christmas like MyScene Barbie and Transformers.

There is still time to donate at 299 Queen Street West or any Royal Bank in the GTA If you can help give a kid a Christmas.

Wal-Mart is open 24 Hours from now until 7pm on Christmas Eve. So if you are behind the game with your gifts. It's an option. Not a great option, but everyone likes foot spas! I saw lots.

It's a me, Mario!

This afternoon I went to return New Super Mario Bros Wii which I had rented last week. I still wanted it so I returned it 3 days late only to have them tell them that I wanted it back for another week.

The guy at the store was all "Oh you're the guy!" Apparently they have been getting harassed by people asking for it. They only have one copy. Then I came in and extended my rental. I think there is going to be a mob waiting for me in the next week upon it's return.

He then asked "Well, like what world on you on?" "Waterworld" I replied. I think this dude may have wanted it as well. Sorry everyone but I am not quite done with it.

Liana came over to play it last week. Up to 4 players can play at once. She was shit though, at times I wouldn't let her play and other times when your partner looses a life you come back in a bubble that you have to pop. I wouldn't pop her bubble sometimes. I take Mario very seriously.

Music to my ears: Dolly and Kenny: Once upon a Christmas

That Michelle. What a gal! She picked me her favourite Christmas CD from her childhood, Kenny and Dolly, Once upon a Christmas. It's amazing. All originals from an 1984 CBS Christmas special. This CD is amazing. I didn't even know it existed.

Here is a clip from the special, it's also both Michelle and I's favourite track from the album.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Reggie

Tonight we celebrate Reggie's Birthday. Reggie, my former roommate and slow dance partner is now 11. He is getting a Kong. Dog's like Kong's.

Here is a picture of me dressing him up like a hula girl.

Get ready to dance tonight big boy! It is also my last dinner with Elle tonight :-(

Ewwwy Yucky Icky Gross

Last night I stepped on a dead pigeon. It was a sight to see on Queen West as I was screaming and flaying around the sidewalk. When I scream it always comes out "BAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" What happened was I was texting and not paying attention. What is retarded though is just this week I bought an app for the iphone which turns on the camera so you can see the ground while you text. It's called Text Vision so worth the $0.99.

I kicked the pigeon first and then I stepped on it. Sorry little bird. Then like I said I screamed a lot and was wiping my foot crazily on the sidewalk. Later that night I was dancing on a table in our kareoke box. I hope they cleaned the table before bring food in there. Yuck.

(I didn't write on the book, it came way. That dudes Ns are backwards.)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Did you know: Mailboxes

Mailboxes are not just for mail. They are also multi-functional. There are lots of options with these tall boxes. You could tie your shoes or stretch your legs on them. If you are a violent person you could punch them when mad, When you need a wall and don't have one, a mail box can provide you with a straight surface. You could stretch your back, place your belongs on it while you search your pockets, make out against it and even pet it if you miss your dog.

Stop vandalizing them. The government is spending all this money to wrap vinyl Postal Code creative around every box to prevent would be vandals because of the already clustery artwork.

This is retarded. Don't be a vandal and don't waste our tax money.

Mailboxes. Who knew?

Good tidngs

More cards. Flava Flay, Liana and Michelle from work. Thanks Bitches! Especially thanks to Michelle for not licking my card closed. She knows I hate germs. She also taught me that the new H1N1 high five is the elbow tap. I love that. I also recieved 3 e-cards today announcing donations to charities in my honour. Amazing! Love that idea!

Also thanks to Barb (I call her B-Unit) at work for the yummy homemade truffles. This lady is like the new Martha Stewart. Everything thing she makes is amazing amazing. Although one of the truffles looked like a small testicle. I still ate it and it was peanut butter (think Resse Peanut Butter Cup) and that testicle truffle was delicious. It's the one on the left. Check out those veins.

Photo shoot

Today me and some co-workers were asked to participate in a photo for the Los Angeles based studio that produced the new movie Sherlock Holmes. They have transformed an out of business store to a cool innovated marketing initiative. They have set pieces inside from the actual set that you can see on the street. They also have carolers singing outside. Here are some candids from the shoot. We got to keep the hats!

Me and my work BFF. We are good for eachother's abdomnal development. Everyday we make eachother laugh so hard we cry. We put this to test in the cafetaria at Queen and John every day at 12:30. If you want tix to the show. Let me know.
The execution. Amazing!
One of the group shots, I 'm glad the caroler blocking half my face looks bad. This won't make it to L.A.

Dikla, bottom row, first from the right is Jewish. She said if her mom saw her in a Christmas hat she would be in shit. Don't tell the mom.

No H1N1 here

Here's a tip if you get the H1N1 vaccine don't tell people to mind your arm because of the H1N1. Say I got the H1N1 vaccine.

There is a lot of debate over the H1N1 vaccine. I got it because I am naturally low in my neutrophil count. My arm does hurt, I hear it gets worse until the 3rd day. It doesn't hurt as much as my lower ab muscles. They kill, it hurts to walk. Owwey, Owwey!

Do you know who did have the H1N1? Country hopper Elle! Yet another reason one my favourtie people should the country and never talk to me again! (I am still being fake mean. It makes it easier.)

I gave her arrow boobies because Canada is loosing some Rocky Mountains this month. What a rack that Elle has. Perfect for cuddles and sleep ons.

Friday Falls: Rope swing

Don't forget to let go yo!

Dance move of the week: Bullet Proof Revised

Revised to make it shorter and seem a bit more coordinated.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dance move of the week: Bullet Proof

Next week Mya and I present our Christmas Spectacular, Their will be singing and dancing. Here are some my moves!

Update: That dance was way too long. I will do a director's cut down tonight. Talk about boring.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another new Christmas card

This time from my friend Liana. Why do I like her? Many reasons...A) Her friend Nicole is the male version of me and she should visit more (unless she wants to go home.) That was an inside joke but she will find it funny. B) You can call Liana up at midnight on a work night and say let's go out. Her reply will be like me bring clothes for work tomorrow so that I can stay til last call. Thata girl.

Thanks for the Christmas card Bonana! It has a peguin on it. I love peguins and it is non denominational. Yay generic Holiday! I love all people of all beliefs. Yay non-demoninational card.

My new best friend at the gym

I have been doing an intensive ab workout every other day at the gym. It includes the the ab machine, oblique machine, the captain's chair (picture above) and the ball in between your ankles while lying on your back raising it. It's hard work but it's paying off.

When I am not doing legs and abs I am doing back and arms. It's going good as well. Never have my arms looked like this. This way to the gun show:

It's Torch Day

The Olympic torch will be making it's way through Toronto tomorrow. The last time I saw the torch was when my beautiful Aunt Sue was a torch bearer for the Calgary 1988 Olympics in Simcoe, Ontario. I was only 6 and still remember going to the parade to see her run. It was amazing. That was the day I fell in love with the Olympics. From now on I am incommunicable for 2 weeks every 2 years. My dad used to say watching so much TV would make my eyes go square (the shape of the TV.) I always thought it was research for a dream career down the bend.

It's all paid off now. I work in TV and will be participating in the coverage of the Olympic Games. My parents should be happy they gave me a TV for my bedroom for my 11th birthday. It was a research tool. They also thought the studio tour last week was pretty cool at my work. I am happy they got to see it and that I got to show them my work. Deal Sealer. It's like 30 Rock's Deal Breaker but better.

Here a photo of my Aunt Sue celebrating her 40th Anniversary with her husband Mike, My dad's first younger brother. He looks like my dad although tall and thin. I tried to find a photo of Aunt Sue carrying the torch but sadly couldn't.

Happy Torch Day Everyone. This brings back nice memories.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best sleeps ever

So when I went for my massage on the weekend and found out I have a twisted hip the RMT recommended I sleep on my back, with a pillow under my knees. I have tired the side sleep with a pillow but the pillow always ends up on the floor.

I usually sleep on my back and end up on my stomach in the morning. This is horrible, don't sleep this way. No spine support. That lady looks like she is having a good sleep too. Check out those sexy shorts too. Grrrowwwwllll. Now it's time for me to do this too. Everyday 25 people at work expect me to be on and bring light heartedness and laughter to office. It's very tiring.

I have been doing this and having some amazing sleeps. I drew a little picture to show you how to do it.

Music to my ears: Free NYPC download

One of my favs, New Young Pony Club are offering there new single, Lost a Girl, as a free download. Here.

Check out the video below:

I just jumped and squealed.

Cool new swag

Today work gave us these shirts for the upcoming Winter Games. They are actually really nice.

In the summer for my professional bike riding days I can zip it all the way up.
And by the way my biathlon, ski jumping and Nordic Combined knowledge is getting pretty good. You can test me over the holidays.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dress for the weather

Let Reggie lead by example to remind everyone that you need to dress appropriately during the winter.

Reggie is showing off his new booties.

My father, captain safety would be quite impressed with the reflective foot straps.