Monday, December 1, 2008

Watch for flying green peppers in little italy

I love that I have not missed a day walking home from work yet due to weather and it's December 1st. The key is to be dressed appropriately for the elements. I do have a subway pass but I prefer the exercise and being outdoors. I am going to miss walking once it get unbearably cold. My favourite part of the walk home is stopping for fresh cheese and vegetables in Kensington Market.

Today I got spicy Monterray Jack cheese and peppers for fajitas which on the menu later this week. As I continued my walk, I was listening to Datarock on my ipod. I love Datarock. I was gently swinging bag of peppers to the beat when once pepper shot out of the bag and went rolling down the sidewalk. I think from the disbelief that I had just launched a pepper down a sidewalk in Little Italy I dropped the bag of remaining peppers. I bent over to pick it up. I look up and their is an old Nona giving me the pepper. I say thanks. She wanted me to put it back it the bag of other clean peppers which have not been rolling down the sidewalk. I said no, she inisisted. I thanked her again and walked away. I didn't want to sidewalk contaminate the other peppers.

I know peppers grow in dirt and lots of gross people touch them but still rolling down the dirty sidewalk is where I draw the line.

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