Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sketchy, sketchy, sketchy

This morning I heard knocking outside my door. I failed to retrieve the knock because I couldn't tell if it was my door or my sketchy neighbour across the hall's door. Besides anyone who knows me well knows to not come over before noon on a weekend. I love my sleep yo.

Then I went to take my laundry out and there was a girl who looked (and smelt) homeless sitting right outside my door. I yelled and then shut the door. "I am waiting for Lisa" I hear. Then I say "Oh okay" and then open the door and proceed to do my Sunday errands.

This sketchy girl was outside my door from before noon until after 5pm. It was disgusting. I also heard the super talking to her. I will be having talks with my sketchy neighbour and the super so that this doesn't happen again. And what kind of sketchbag girl waits infront of a door for her friend for over 5 hours. Sketchy, Sketchy, Sketchy.

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