Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only me: Close call

Everyday around 3 I get a tea from the commissary at work (see number 2) I was getting my daily 3 o'clock tea. I like scheduling things and I like how three and tea both start with the letter 'T.' I also like tea and three rhyme.

Well it all went to shit after I bought it. I was having difficulty getting my lid on today. Then all of a sudden my tea cup was knocked over and the coffee and tea counter and my leg was soaked in tea. The staff was awesome they helped me clean up and were generally concerned for my wet leg which didn't manage to get burnt at all. They were I afraid I did. Especially in the crotchal area.

I used to spill a lot when I was a kid. I blame my bifocals. I can remember my siblings always having to run down and cover our Atari computer with towels because I would always spill full pitchers of juice across the table, across my siblings, all over the food, the floor and in the vents in the floor which would lead to our computer room below. I am so gonna have spazy kids. I deserve it.

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