Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's snowing

Wow! I closed my curtains than I went to look out a few hours later and everything is covered in snow. I totally wasn't expecting this. I hadn't seen a weather report today.

Here are some things I like about winter:
1) Winter Jackets with lots of pockets (give your pants pockets a break.)
2) Scarves (Scarves are nice.)
3) When others slip, trip or fall
4) I like snow on the ground with clean walkways
5) Gloves (they keep your hands warm and don't let the cold air dry them out.)
6) Christmas time
7) My birthday
8) Snow days!
9) Red wine
10) Tea

Here are things I don't like about winter:
1) Hat head
2) Wet and dirty floors inside
3) Having to bring inside shoes while wearing boots
4) When I slip, trip or fall (it happens almost daily)
5) Unsholved sidewalks, parking lots and walkways
6) Hard snow in the face

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