Friday, December 5, 2008

I got nothing

Sorry, no Friday falls tonight either. My life is really getting in the way of blogging. I just finished up getting things together for my nephews' birthday parties tomorrow. And now I am off to see my favourite 2 Aussies off for a month as they go home for Christmas and Summer! So jealous.

Here is a tip and germ story you as well.

I made Caesar Salad for the Potluck Christmas party tonight. I suggest Lemon wedges, black pepper and cucumber are staples to every Caesar.

Now the germs, last night a tripped going into a gross bar in Toronto. My hand touched the gross floor (it was immediately washed in a gross washroom.) Most of the clientelle was gross as well. I do not like gross places. In non gross news, I used the public washroom in the Chapters at Richmond and John today. It was really nice. Not as nice as the Manulife Centre but still an A+.

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