Sunday, December 21, 2008

A friendly reminder

Yesterday, I was talking to my oldest brother. We got on the subject of the health issues we've had. Nothing to serious for any of us thankfully. My brother did have testicular cancer a few years back but he cured without chemo or radiation but it was still not fun or easy. I told them that I get checked at the doctor's yearly for that so I am good. He reminded me about the importance of self examination. I totally forgot about this. I used to be so militant about checking my "guys" out. Now I am going to get back on track and totally go back to monthly self checks. Besides, like most guys, I'm down with any excuse to touch my own testicles. Here is how to do it. Yes, the illustration has no penis as a few women have noticed. This post is all about the testicles so it is fitting.

For you ladies, don't forget about breast self exams.

p.s. If you were offending by the testicle picture above. A) You shouldn't be. It's a tasteful illustration of the human body B) It's an important message to pass on. C) 3 posts in a row with no picture is unacceptable.


marcia said...

"Easily cured"? I think you'd think differently if you'd had the operation. Ouch. Nothing fun about cancer.

Marcia said...

I'm not offended by the picture, but I am wondering where this guy's penis is?

Marky Craig said...

Easily cured as in no radiation or chemo. That's what I meant. I agree nothing fun about cancer. You are not the only person to question the penis. This is all about the balls this time though. There is nothing funny about cancer.