Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yep, I'm a spaz

I'm super accident prone, I have always been. Today I got stuck to the back of a freezer door in the frozen food section of a department store. I think because my coat was wet it stuck to the door like how a tongue sticks to a metal fence pole in the winter (I've done that too.) I was stuck for a good fifteen seconds. First their was the shock of being stuck to the door, then wondering what was making my back stick to the door and finally peeling myself off. I was wearing my parka and left a large batch of fake fur on the door. People were probably wondering what the fur was from. Ha ha ha!

Then tonight I went to grab a bottle of wine from my bar fridge to have a glass with Dexter, all of a sudden the bottle was airborne and flying across the kitchen. That was not fun to clean up. I even cut my foot.

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