Monday, November 10, 2008

Whoa! This is amazing

I now subscribe to a service that lets me know how many people are reading my blog and the city they are from (no personal information is sent.)

In the last 6 days I have had over 200 visits to my blog. Wow! Who knew? Readers from all over the place. Scattered across Canada, the U.S. even countries like Hungary,
Poland, Norway, Thailand, England, Australia, Italy and Poland.

All I can say is thanks I had no idea more idea there were so many people reading.

Most people spend approx. 2 minutes on the site and the most popular features are Bargains,
My Paper Planes Dance, Dance move of the week, Friday Falls and I often fall. With the winter ice coming soon we'll be sure to get "I often fall" up higher.

Thanks again for reading.
I am going to bed all smiles!
This is great! Yay!

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