Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today has been a good day

Tuesday night cleaning and dancing is already done. It's nice being off work! Chores get done faster. I got Christmas presents for the nephews today. I found tall size socks at Sears so I didn't have to go to the Big and Tall Shop at Yorkdale, which meant I could stay outside being active. Always good. It was even 40% of socks day at Sears so that was fun.

I even had time to check out Christmas Street on the 5th floor of the Bay. I love Christmas. If you have never checked out Christmas Street it's fun they have a bunch of rooms decked out in different Christmas styles.
Here are some low-res phone cam shots.This lady is kind of weird. I wouldn't buy her. She is a little creepy. Now I'm off to get a haircut and catch up on Dexter. 2 more good things.

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