Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This was amazing

Tonight at the Girl Talk show some guy saw me standing on the sidelines while acknowledging my friends at the centre of the dance floor whose average height was about 5'4". I have always stood on the sidelines knowing that 6'5" Marky doesn't make friends in the centre of the floor during a concert. I block people's way and they don't like that.

Then some sweaty 6'8" guy whose name I didn't get grabbed my arm. He was all "I know what it is like to be you. We are going in there." I was all "I would prefer who let go of my arm." That didn't matter. He didn't. He said "Someone did this for me 5 years ago, trust me." So me who always seems to befriend some of the wrong kind of people was all like "Okay, fine but where are you taking me?" The dude was then all like "Come here." Then I was all like "Oh God, where is this strange sweaty man taking me. I want my arm back" He took me in well into the centre of dance floor and well past where my friends were. He said short people will complain and that they did. His advice was let them in front of you which is totally what I did. It's not nice to block people from seeing.

I had the best time dancing in the middle of the dance floor beside this strange sweaty guy who smelled like B.O. and his breath smelt like alcohol. I kind of ignored him because of it. About 15 minutes later the show ending and he was all "Now we get our coats." I was cool with that as I always like beating the coat check rush. So I tried to get away. Then he stopped me and said "Just promise me you will do the same for the next tall person you see on the side, like someone did for me 5 years ago." I will though be a bit more mindful of the short people than him.

Although I didn't get his name as he was sweaty and smelt not so good because of various orifices. I really appreciate what he did for me. I will do the same the next sidelined tall person I see (as long as they are not sweaty and gross.) It's not always easy being tall. If only I had offered him gum. We could have maybe been friends.

After seeing Angie off, I listened to Cat Power on the way home. I love her You Are Free album which I have rediscovered since transferring music to the new computer. I can really appreciate a voice like that when I have my monotone Napoleon Dynamite voice. She rules.

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