Friday, November 21, 2008

This is Good (in moderation): Smoke's Poutinerie

A new chain of poutineries called Smoke's Poutinerie are opening across Toronto including one around the corner from work above Burrito Boyz.

I love poutine (in moderation, of course) and this was good. I got the basic veggie gravy and added roasted mushrooms. It was really good and for 7 dollars and change was more poutine than I needed to eat.

One draw back is that they only do poutine. No salads which would be really helpful to balance the unhealthy qualities of Poutine. For the more adventurous they have gourmet poutine such as Pulled Pork or Chicken Breast which includes meat pieces in the gravy. The cheese curds were really good. They come straight from Quebec.

I agree with my co-worker smaller portions as a side is probably the way to go.

Let the heart failure begin!

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