Saturday, November 8, 2008

Only me: streetcar track shoe theivery

Today I was walking on Queen Street when all of a sudden the heel of my size 13s got stuck in streetcar tracks (like totally wedged) and fell off. My shoes were tied too. I felt like the grubby kid in grade school who kept losing his shoe when he kicked a soccer ball or what have you.

To make matters worse my a streetcar was coming and I didn't want my sock to touch dirty, wet Queen Street. So I tried to pull my shoe out of the track by putting my sock foot on top of my other shoe foot and then try to bend from the waist to get my shoe out. I can't balance worth shit.

Therefore I had to take one for the team, put my sock foot on dirty, wet Queen St and pull it it out. Then I had to put my moist foot back into my shoe. Good thing I was wearing older shoes today. I threw out the sock and lysoled the inside of the shoe. I will continue with the lysol for a couple days.

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