Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Christmas party this year

Today we found out that our Christmas party will not be happening. I am totally okay with this. If it means some more jobs can be saved.

Although in the past the last 6 I have been too have been pretty fun. He's some highlights.

1) In 2002, A shy Marky came out of his shell and was a bad influence on many unsuspecting co-workers. I'm always shy at first when working with a new group, this was my first ever real job in my chosen career. Once you get drunk with me I come right out of my shell.

2) Last year seeing a waiter knock over massive Christmas tree over on top of a TV personalty.

3) Belle taking out an ice sculpture outside of Kool Haus in 2004.

4) The decor, candy stand and chocolate room at Last year's Zhivago Russian themed party which actually won an award for decor.

5) Drunken, dancing Audrey Hepburns in 2006.

6) Wearing coordinating outfits with dance partner Jizzy B last year. (see below)

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Jessica said...

I just discovered your blog via facebook, Mark... cute pic. It's Jizelle. I love her! :)