Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Burgers in the annex

Mmmmm! Yummy!

Finally those of us living close the Annex are getting a new high quality Burger Shop. The Acme Burger Company, which has been a hit for 2 years in Etobicoke is coming to the Bloor and Bathurst area in between Bloor Cinema/Gazeel and Armoas.

This is very exciting. Hamburgers are my third favourite food after Sandwiches and Tacos. Not fast food burgers. I do not eat those. Just high class burgers. It will be interesting to see how they sack up to my favourites Hero and Utopia. Everybody raves about Craft but I had a bad experience there. The Etobicoke location has been a high ranker on Toronto's best burger lists before.

What's even better is that they play by the rules and cook them to well done. My favourite. I love playing by the rules.

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