Monday, November 3, 2008

Maybe next time

Okay, so I didn't get to go to the taping for So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I had to stay and make a rush sales promo for Canada's Next Top Model but I will be there next week. I have an open invitation.

I think all the hype I gave probably led to the downfall and therefore no dancing in the Clover Leaf Tuna Zone. I even announced at my department meeting that Vicki is going airbourne tonight at the taping. One co-worker even made a poster for our number.

I still had a great day, I ate Sandwich Box for lunch (now that is one tasty box.) Sandwiches are my favourite food. Since no dancing I was able to bump Taco night to tonight (although I did like how taco and tuesday both start with T.) I found out a co-worker and I are going to direct in Calgary and get to go for 2 days. I (hopefully) helped save a man's life (more on this later) and now I can work out and watch The Hills. No biggie.

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