Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mark notes: November 6

- Tonight was Dr. Hawn's last episode on Grey's Anatomy. Thank God! She was so annoying. ABC executives didn't like her and didn't like she bogged down Sara Ramiez (The wonderful Callie's) acting skills. I have no complaints here.

- After the success of the new 90210, Melrose Place is on it's way to TV. I will watch this. I loved Melrose Place. Remember when Kimberly (who is now Bree on Desperate Housewives) took off a wig and her head had these gill-like things that never got explained.

- Sandwich Box is opening at Adelaide and Spagina. So excited and so much closer to work. Sandwich is my favourite food. These people really love their sandwich. They even oil, lemon and salt and pepper each sandwich before grilling.

- I'm going to see glass candy at Wrongbar tomorrow. Fun! Michelle just got me into it.

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