Thursday, November 27, 2008


Tomorrow I am directing interviews with 2 men who are being presented "legend" awards at a Marketing conference.

One of the questions I'll be asking is what they want their legacy to be. I got thinking what would my legacy be?
Maybe how I can get to work on the subway and even transfer lines without my hands ever touching any part of TTC property (including exterior doors.) That I think is pretty impressive. I am always willing to share my tricks too. If you want a lesson let my know, but you need to have strong legs to start out with. Other than that, maybe my love for dance or my fun loving attitude and laugh, my love of being Unky Mark or my skills of tastefully spinning on stripper poles (legs always on the outside, never wrapped around.) I don't know. Good thing I am a long way away from being a "legend" it will give me some time to do some actual legendary things (besides being the best uncle ever.)

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