Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's all about ball

Ball 47, Mark 0.

So I started working out with an exercise ball a few months ago. At first I thought it was girlie, but it is also awesome, I found out. I have blogged about this before but last night the ball particularly kicked my ass. The best exercise is when you lie flat on your back. You squeeze the ball between your ankles and while squeezing raise your legs directly straight up in the air. It's hard, but so awesome. I just upped my reps to 5 of 10 and yesterday I could hardly walk. It's awesome for legs, glutes and the lower abs.

Since I know all bargains all the time my particular ball is on sale for half price at $9.99 at Canadian Tire. Now that is a bargain.

Ball is good.

Barrack has just been projected president by ABC, this is awesome. I hear celebrating on the street. Awesomeness.


jones said...

in love for your balls, check out these vids for friday falls and for fun




Marcia said...

You should buy another one as you know you're going to break your current one. It's preventative.