Monday, November 24, 2008

Here are 2 tips

1) Always buy tickets from Soundscapes or Rotate This. They only charge 10% service charges instead of raping the customer like ticketmaster. Tonight I got 4 tickets to CSS at Rotate This for $80. Ticketmaster wanted to charge $104. Rip off.

2) This afternoon I was mildly retarded and forgot where on Queen Rotate This is. I have been there before but just had a brain fart. So I texted my good friends at Google and got the address sent to my phone. This is awesome and only costs whatever you pay for text messages. I have unlimited so it's free. You just text to 466453 (Google) and then in the message what you need. I said Rotate this, Toronto and then they sent me the info instantaneous.

There is other cool stuff you can do as well. Like this.

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