Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Ben

I suck hardcore. Although last night I declared my love for my 3 favourite people (last night I failed to remember that it was my nephew Ben's second bday. We are celebrating Saturday.) So here is my typical immediate family tribute with extra pictures because Ben is so cute.

(Mark Note: this one is pre-Mark major work-out kick but also lazy eye sexy!)

Now, as is tradition for my 14 immediate family members (including kids and spouses) here is why Ben is so cool:

1) He calls me Nunky Nark, not only is that hilarious but awesome
2) He loves cheezies. So do I.
3) He loves to dance. Ditto.
4) He is pretty funny, I love to laugh.
5) He listens when I say "Show Unky Mark you are a big boy and can lay down and go to sleep.
6) He is pretty cute, not quite as cute as Unky Mark but I got better with age, maybe he will too.

Happy Birthday my squashy Ben Baloopy!

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