Thursday, November 6, 2008

First one of the season down

Tonight my friend Bonnett came over for Swiss Chalet and Grey's Anatomy. My first festive special of the season was delicious. It even comes with Lindor chocolates. Yummy!

During Grey's Anatomy I realized that I could never be a doctor, although I never really had aspirations to be one, here's why:

1) I hate germs, hospitals are a breeding ground for that shit.
2) I don't do high stress. My motto to always have a happy and fun outlook on life would be shattered.
3) 99.9% of the world's bodily fluids I want no where near me
4) Having to deliver bad news would kill me, I am to emotionally attached to things.

I leave Dr. Mark Craig to this guy:It's Doctor Mark Craig, played by William Daniels on St. Elsewhere. I don't think most people my age will get this.

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