Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Darn doors

Today I had 2 run ins at work involving me, a door and a innocent by-stander.

Door Victim #1 - As I was leaving the fifth floor edit suite at work I realized the door bar didn't meet my sanitary requirements. I didn't want to touch it as it looked dirty so I hip checked it. I didn't mean to hit the door as hard as I did. It went flying into the wall and then slammed on some dude's laptop. I believe the laptop is okay.

Door Victim #2 - I was leaving my office area to use the washroom one floor up. We have a hollow metal door there like the one pictured above. As I went to open the door a large group of people came through it. Then there was pause, "Yes, my turn" I thought. So I popped the door open only bash another dude right in the face with it. Oops.

Both victims are fine (atleast I think.) If my dad was there he totally would have said what he most oftens says to me, "Slow Down!"

I just like to get things done quickly.

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