Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 things I love

1 thing I love is huskies. After my dear pussy pussy, Mya Pussy goes to a better place in 10 years or less I am going to take a year off for pet hair relief then I am getting a Husky because I love them. My sister Carolyn in B.C. has a Husky, named Akasha and a part wolf, part malamute, named Gypsy, who I also love. I love most dogs. I would love to have one of my own. They give the best kisses and how could you not love this dog.

Even before dogs my love is dancing. I did enough of it prior to blogging tonight at the Girl Talk show. Here is my dance to MIA's Paper Planes which is sweeping the nation. 1,070 views. I can't believe it. A new dance with the back up alley dancer is coming soon.

I thought we had reaches the end of it's popularity but it's received 70 views in the last week.

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