Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting Old Sucks part 2

Although my love of my greying hair and one grey eyebrow hair is no secret. Other parts of growing old suck.

I just got one of those brown spots on my hand that gross old people get. I'm sooooo not impressed.

This would be fun

Once I win the lottery and share it with those less fortunate I think it would be fun to travel the continent in an ice cream truck and give free ice cream to everyone. Yummy!!!! I love ice cream.

That would be nice. This truck I passed on my way home would be perfect and it has the same name as my sidekick.

I would have to get someone to drive me around though. I still don't have a licensce. It's for the best considering I have about a 2 minute attention span. Driving is just not for me, but ice cream, now that is for me.

The girl on the left was not to pleased to have her picture taken. She came out of no where. Also WTF! Is the house on fire?

This is too much potato salad for one person

I have been eating potato salad for 2 weeks straight. I'm sick of it. If you live alone. Don't buy this much potato salad.

Schweaty balls are fun

I am having a great time with my new exercise ball. I have discovered that I can roll across my living room on it so I can go from my desk to my bar fridge so that is fun!

Also I have been playing basketball with it. Also fun. So much so that I am considering playing it again.

Here I am working on my ball handling.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm ranting about flip flops again

Avid readers will know that I have a hate on for flp flops. Yes, they are quick and easy but a lot of times people who wear flips have dirty feet and you can walk fast and more effciently in shoes.

I do own flip flops but only use them for short trips to the store, or pool or cottage activities. Today I went to use the bank machine and I kicked up a popsicle stick that someone had careless slobbered all over and then littered by carelessly throwing it on the sidewalk. It stuck to my bare foot. Disgusting. I almost barfed! I hate germs.

Both foot and flop have been thoroughly cleaned!

I got scrambled

Today my sister Laura came into to town for some shopping. I met up with her and showed her the new scramble stop at Yonge and Dundas. We walked diagonally across the street. It was pretty invigorating, like a fresh shower. I am going to have to try it some more.

I love stripes, I always have

This is the last long weekend of summer. This so blows. But atleast fall means one of my favourite things, Striped sweaters and hoodies. I have always been partial to stripes. Not sure why but I love them.

Here is my newest sweater I picked up and modeled above by a dashing tall drink of water.

Friday, August 29, 2008

You know what they say about guys with big hands

Today I realized that I could walk across four lanes of traffic, walk up a steep flight of stairs and unlock 2 doors while holding a 2 litre bottle of ginger ale and a can of baked beans (I had a craving) with ONE HAND!

Can you do this?

Sometimes I amaze myself!

Go paperless yo

This bag is full of shreaded bills and personal documents that I have sexily kept in a corner of my bedroom for 2 years. I am paranoid therefore I shread. As part of my de-cluttering spree 2008 it's going out for recycling tonight.

Recycling on Bloor Street West happens Friday nights between 11pm and 1am. If you would like or have been planing on stealing my identity and you have a lot of time on your hands (which you do because you are reading me blog, but not nearly as much as me) you have until 1am to do so. Only if a bum hasn't made a bed out of it yet.

All my bills are paperless now. Therefore no clutter. If you haven't switched to paperless now is the time. Save the environment.
Ow! on a side note I just rolled off my exercise ball I use as a desk chair and bashed my face off the floor. I will be okay though.

Me as a jailbird...swquak, swquak

I would never go to jail because I have panic attacks whenever I break rules, so I like to stay on the straight and narrow. But while I was hammered in a bar washroom yesterday, they had a poster for the new season of prison break where you could make it look like you were in jail. I took 3 pics, this is the best one. I thought anymore photos in the men's washroom would make other urinaters punch me in the face.

Friday Falls - August 29

Happy Long Weekend!

Here are this week's falls

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome new readers

It has come to my attention that a new facebook group has been started for readers of Adventures with Mark

Welcome to the new readers and Enjoy the ride!


2 classic episodes tonight before next week's premiere. Hubba Hubba.

What is the deal with Shannen Doherty's tooth gap. She didn't have that on the show. Did she mistake her thumb for a penis in a drug induced bender, liked it and then become an adult thumb sucker.

Get Ready to Scramble!

As of 11am today the intersection of Yonge and Dundas turned into a scramble intersection. Meaning that the intersection stops all car traffic and then allows pedistrains 20 seconds to walks north/south, east/west or now diagnollaly right across the centre of the road. How cool! Scramble intersections are hugely popular in other urban centres across the world.

Since traffic has to go both ways before pedistrians can cross. It means that you may have to stand beside the guy who screams Jesus Saves for up to 40 sec0nds.

Life is Hilarious

Today was a hilarious day. Most days in my life are but today was particularly funny.

Here is a rundown of what happened:

- A much older female co-worker tried to pull off my shirt to see how my "buffing" was going.

- another co-worker gave me the middle finger, this happens often. I think because it makes me laugh. Instead of laughing this time I said in an annoyed voice "Right back at you!" It felt goood.

- It felt so good that I called the name of a another co-worker and then gave her the finger. I (nearly) never give the finger.

- I can't look at crazy people anymore. My fellow Producer Nick told me about the time a crack head walked up to him and kicked him in the stomach for no reason. So Nick kicked them back. Now whereever I see crazy people I picture them kicking me in the stomach. Then I laugh inside my head. I had run-ins with 2 crazy people today.

- There was some guy in Chinatown trying to sell wooden walking canes to the elderlty. All the old folks were getting mad that someone was telling them they need canes.

- My T-shirt was tucked into my underwear, i found out for most of the afternoon. I made a lot trips back and forth from 260 Richmond to 299 Queen as well.

- Mya jumped from the desk to the exercise ball and got bounced into the air. Ha Ha Ha.

- And a man bumped into me on the sidewalk while trying to quickly and quietly exit an adult
video store. Ha Ha Ha
please note that I didn't pose for the pic above. I just found an old one I had that was funny.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today a man with a hearing aid asked me for directions

It sucked. He couldn't hear me. I actually knew actually where to tell him to go.

I was trying to yell but it he couldn't hear. He gave up. I felt bad.

Speech therapy here I come.

What an awesome Big Brother

I know from experience some Catholic School teachers can have a bad side. Tonight Dan's came out and it ruled. I if watch you know what I am talking about. If you don't watch I don't have the patience to re-tell. Now Michelle, the crazy crier will be on her way home.

Game On!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bright light in the sky

Today I went for a power walk down Bloor to Bathurst. Once I crosssed Christie Pitts they were about 3o people gathered looking toward the sky looking at a light. One crazy lady said to me it's a bat, it will stick to your hair and rip off your scalp. To this I said "Oh Hell No!" and continued on with my walk. My scalp needs to remain untouched.

On my walk back from Bathurst I realized that bat's don't light up, they are not dragonflies. So I asked some old guy and he said this light just keeps going back and forth across the sky. It wasn't a spot light either. I know how those look. I stood and watch for a few minutes. The light eventually went away but now I am afraid that I am about to be one of the stars of a real life sci-fi series featuring the people that stopped and starred at the light. This is so not cool. I hate sci-fi.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Schweaty ball!

I bought an exercise ball today. It's yellow my second favourite colour after orange and before red. I am quite excited to start using it. They are kick ass for exercising. I even now use it as my desk chair at my computer. If you bounce repeatedly while sitting that in itself is a good workout. Although I have thought about the fact the people who lived in my pad before got blinds that are 10 centimeters too short so when the curtains are open people walking down Bloor Street may wonder why I am bouncing up and down rapidly and repeatedly all hot and bothered. Ha Ha Ha!!!!!! I discovered too with dancing I can rock the ball as well. I have already developed some moves. I am going to start busting out my ball at the bars. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Check out my ball below:

now thats a lovely ball.

Not my proudest moment

Yesterday I went to my favourtite taco shack, Tacos El Asador at Bloor and Clinton for Lunch. Yummy! If you haven't gone you should.

So I decided that I would walk and eat my food. Once I was done I threw out the packaging and sadly my finger hit pushed the side of the garbage container and it looked particularily gross. Then I went to wipe my mouth to confirm it was clean. To my disgust my hand slipped and the finger that touched the garbage slide directly into my mouth and touched my tounge.

I could have barfed but I took it well. I didn't even consider drinking purell or buying listerine. I just took it like a champ.

See I'm getting better. I did listerine once I got home though.

This Is Good: Deep Fried Battered Macaroni and Cheese

Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!!!

I went to a party last night and they served deep fried battered mac and cheese. Yummy!!!!!! I have been thinking about it ever since. They look like chicken nuggets but so much better. I need to confirm where they are found but I think it is only Sobeys in the frozen food section. I was told where but it was that good of a party that I seem to have forgotten.

Oh Jeez

This crazy meat recall has raised to over 220 products. What is even shittier is that 4 people have died. The recall now includes restaurants like Boston Pizza and Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons?!?!?!?! Between the Breakfast Bagel and Ham and Swiss. I pretty much keep the Tim Hortons by Richmond and University in business.

Here are the symptons of Listeria
1) high fever
2) severe headache
3) neck stiffness
4) nausea

Come to think of it. I have been having a case of number 2 recently. I will monitoring numbers 1, 3 and 4 throughout the week.

Here is a link to all the products in the recall. It includes various brand names and types of meat. If you have a code that says 97B beside the best before date throw it out. This is not good.

I flooded the store beneath me again

Well not really flooded, but things got leaky. I live above a store. Saturday I was defrosting my crappy fridge from the 1950s while I went for a four hour power walk. The Business Improvement Association beneath me was having an open house at the time. The water dripping from the freezer was missing the bucket and while I was gone slowly leaked into the business beneath me. This has happened before. I leaked water into the dollar store that used to be below me too. Ha Ha Ha! (Actually, I shouldn't laugh. It's not funny.)


New IKEA catalogue

I found the new Ikea catalogue in my mailbox today. Wahoo! Now here is what I need to do:

1) Flip through it and select what I need
2) Go to Ikea and purchase selections
3) Try to build it at home
4) Unsuccessfully build it
5) Throw pieces around my pad in annoyance
6) Slit jugular with enclosed allen key

Pussy in hiding

I was searching for Mya yesterday morning to shower her with morning love but I couldn't find her. It was not until after my shower and the need for underwear happened that my precious pussy was finally found. She was in my underwear drawer. Ha Ha Ha.

(please note: the drawer was opened, I didn't trap her in it.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

All apologizes

Sorry for posting this friday falls last week. A lot of people have commented on the dangerousness of some of the falls. I was busy at work and a friend emailed the video. I posted it without paying that much attention. I will be more careful in the future and I apologize.

If you want to see it and not complain to me about it go here:

I have deleted the previous post. I apologize for my career getting in the way of my Friday Falls.

Friday Falls - August 22

Wow! August 22 already. Here is this week's Friday Falls

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Embracing my inner marky

I used to hate being called Marky as a child. Back home in Brantford most people, even though those younger than me call me Marky Craig (that is nice, it gives my name an additional syllable.) I used to think I would be considered less mature as I try to take over the TV industry. But I have the sporadic grey hair and one grey eyebrow hair to show my maturity now. I have grown to love Marky as I am hanging on for dear life to my 20s.
I think I truly am a Marky. I'm easy going, spunky and full of energy. All qualities I think a Marky should have. Also I am well mothered. I have many females looking out for well being, Mom, sisters, sister-in-law, tons of female friends. So Marky totally fits, I think, hence the blogger address. So go ahead call me Marky if you so choose.

Yours in Markyness,

Marky Craig

Anna Faris kills me

I can't walk past a transit shelter in Toronto without stopping, pointing and laughing out loud at the print ads for the new movie 'House Bunny.' Her face in this poster kills me. She is really a young unsung hero of Comedy today.

The movie is probably shit but I love her in the Scary Movies. I love horror films and her in the spoofs have always been enjoyable. I know a lot of people are indifferent about the films.

The movie also stars Demi Moore and Jay Leno's love child, Rumer Willis.

You just got burned

I am so excited for the Coen Brothers new movie Burn after Reading. Those Coen's can do no wrong. They made Fargo my favourite movie and my favourite movie from last year No Country for Old Men. That scene when Javier Bardiem chases Josh Brolin's character around the intersection with his blower thing almost gave me a heart attack. It was so smart having no soundtrack. It really played up the suspense as all you could hear was Javier's shoes hitting the pavement.

Here is the trailer for Burn after Reading. So excited.

They have a Gala on September 5th as part of TIFF 2008. I am so going to try to get into it. It comes out everywhere September 12.

Marky just got a whole lot busi-er

(did you get the hint.) Wahoo! I just got assigned to produce and edit a big campaign for a huge Canadian company. So excited. That's all I can say right now.

If you like sandwiches like me.....

this is scary. There is some crazy cold meat bacteria going around. One person even died. All the meat comes from Maple Leaf Foods. Good thing I have brought veggie turkey sandwiches all week.

Check out what's been recalled here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The tounge trick

You better write this down. This tip is a keeper. How do you eat popcorn or chips while keeping your hands clean to play wii or do work on the computer.

Use your tounge.

Step 1 - Fill bowl with product, bring bowl to face, lick product, only go for one at a time. You are not a superstar (yet!)

Step 2 - Bring tounge with affixed product into mouth, close and chew. Yummy!

Hey! I'm watching Olympic Beach Volleyball in the background! Here is another pic that didn't make the tutorial but I thought it was hilarious. It looks like I am really enjoying this lick. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Pussy's corner office

I threw out Mya's favourite lounge chair that was in my bedroom today. Good thing I have been working out. I carried it down one flight of steep steps all by myself.

I feel bad, but I never use it and Mya made a whole in the side and started pulling the insides out. It's all part of my de-cluttering. I've made some amazing progress.

To make up for the lost chair and to also clear the living of some pussy clutter. I moved a bunch of her toys into the corner where the chair was. She seems okay with the new change.

When I buy my first place I am getting a urinal

I have always wanted a urnial in my first owned place. Did you know they only cost between $500-$700. I am so going to get one. To bad my own place is a long way away. Probably comparable to the distance I have to pee from to reach a standard toilet.

Sidewalks should have a fast lane

It would be nice if sidewalks had fast lanes for people who can walk at a greater pace than most. Then families and the elderly would have their own section for leisurely strolls and people like mean wouldn't have to manevour around them. Even though bikers shouldn't be on the sidewalk they can go in the fast lane as well. Just a thought.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a satisfying cleaning night

As I have said before Tuesday is my cleaning night because Wednesday is garbage day on Bloor Street West. I ripped apart my living room and decluttered and cleaned every nook, corner and cranny (what does cranny mean anyway?)

Also after much encouragement from music trading friends I got the Ting Tings CD from iTunes. At first when anybody recommended them I thought they were talking about The Ying Yang twins who I do not like. I get easily confused. I don't like much rap and hip hop but I do like Common and Kanye. It's a really good album. I am glad I got it. The cleaning night dancing was top notch today if I do say so myself. You should always dance while cleaning reward yourself while doing the painful chores. It helps to get the chores done with a smile.

The breakfast of champions

How is Michael Phelps not dead of a heart attack. I know he trains 5 hours a day but his daily menu to keep his energy up seems ridiculous.

Phelps starts the day at 5am with three fried egg sandwiches topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, and mayonnaise.
That's followed by a five-egg omelet, a bowl of grits (porridge), three slices of French toast with powdered sugar, and three chocolate-chip pancakes, all washed down with two cups of coffee.

half a kilo of enriched pasta, two large ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread with mayonnaise, and nearly 1,000 calories worth of energy drinks.

Another half a kilo of pasta followed by an entire pizza and another 1,000 calories of energy drinks.

Although I am not an olympic swimmer that seems a bit overboard. I guess it worked though. 8 gold medals. He eats 12,000 caleries a day. I only need 2,500 calories per day. He is an inch shorter than me and only 20 pounds heavier than me. Although I am working out and will soon look like him. I think he eats more food in a day than I eat in a week.

A nice box of tissues

This week I found a box of Kleenex I quite enjoy. It's not real kleenex it's No Name 3-ply. It has martini glasses on it. That's fun.

If it were real Kleenex brand. It would turn brown to warn me of impending replenishment. That has been confirmed from a previous post.

WTF: Olympic weight lifting accident

Weight lifting as an olympic is freaking retarded. I had to stop watching the first night of weight lifting because I was sure that someone was going to have an unpleasent accident and so it happen. There is a reason why the human body is not supposed to lift 500lbs over thier head. We are not ants. A Hunigarian weight lifter found this out the hard way.

Click here if you want to see pictures of what happened. I don't think video ever aired. If you don't like gross, don't click. Don't watch. Don't complain to me if you did. You were warned yo.

No bones were broken only a dislocation which is good. He is expected to make a full recovery and compete in the London Olympics in 2012. This should so not be a sport.

This is good: PC Pineapple Juice


My love of pineapples started off late in life. As a child I felt I didn't like them because of the spikes on the outside of them. I felt that there could be undetected spikes inside the pineapple that could rip open my insides.

It was the cut up fruit trays you get at dominion that made me decide that I love pineapple. PC now makes 100% Pure Pressed Pineapple Juice. Every carton contains the juice of 3 pressed pineapples. It's really good. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!

I smell a new tv season in the air

I got into the TV business because I love TV. September is always a fun month for me. I love smart dramas and reality tv. I love the short commitment and juicy drama that happens in reality shows. CBS announced the teams today for the 13th installment of the Amazing Race.

Check them out here. The new season starts September 28.

Other shows on my watch list:

Pushing Daises
The Tudors
So You Think You Can Dance Canada
30 Rock
True Blood

Dufferin mall survival guide

1) Bring your ipod and blast the music. My favourite for this is Pre-sets (either album)

2) Walk right past Winners, it sucks. I always get trapped in the aisles between a fat person and a shopping cart.

3) Do not make eye contact with the people who want to put lotion on your hand or straighten your hair. They will chase you down.

4) Avoid the Bagel Stop, this is sad for me to say. I used to love it there but then I saw the bagel attendant marinade raw chicken breast with her bare hands and then only do a water rinse to wash her hands. She then made an old lady a bagel. She probably killed her with salomina.

5) The walk in beer store offers both a nice break from the heat and the chance to learn more about mirco-brews and imports during the summer months.

6) Push the old ladies and children out of the way. They will push you first, if you don’t.

7) At the No Frills just wait for a basket at the mall entrance. There are never any at the front.

8) Mind the displays in the Toys ‘R Us. I took one down by accident a few weeks ago.

9) Learn to move in and out of crowds. Families and groups of friends seem to like to walk in a straight line in across the mall other than small compact packs.

10) Do not stop and sit. Get in and Get out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The bitches are back

Everyone's favourite fake reality show starts up again tonight. Look for lots of Lauren jaw dropping and Audrina looking generally confused and disoriented.

The best part of the Hills is the after show after the fact.

This is getting ridiculous

Another evening of terential down pours in Toronto. It has rained almost every day of the summer. Here's hoping for a hot dry September.

They would make good neighbours

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi got married this weekend. They would make fun neighbours. Ellen could make me laugh. I could hold all night dance parties and Portia and I could swim laps in the pool.

That would be fun.

The new models

America's Next Top Model starts in 9 days. Here is a preview. Tyra Banks has lost her freaking mind. She gets more annoying every cycle.

The twist this season. Look out for Isis at the end of the promo. She was born a dude. I am sure throughout the season Tyra will be reminding her that Tyra Banks' balls, in fact are bigger.

Happy birthday Tim!

It's my oldest brother Tim's birthday today. Happy Birthday! Tim got the brains, Dave got coordination and athleticism and I got the looks, personalty and of course, pazeez!

Here are some other reasons will Tim is good.

1) He picks me up from the train
2) He gave me nephews
3) He always pays
4) He knows about foreign food and wine
5) He helps to cure bowel cancers
6) He's pretty funny for a smart guy

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My watch is fixed

Yay! I got my broken watch fixed yesterday. I do not appreciate being without a watch. Although this summer for the first time ever for some unknown reason I have been really bad with time and dates for the first time ever. I have often had no idea what day number it is and been way off at ball parking what time it is. My watch has no numbers on it so sometimes I get the time wrong and even tell people who ask me on the street the wrong time (yikes!) I am going to work on this for personal development.

This is my saturday outfit

I talked to my cousin mike from Calgary on the phone yesterday. He asked why I was wearing this outfit, that is featured on header.

Well Mike, this is what I wear on Saturdays. I often wear shirts with holes for total nipple ventilation, I wear short cut of jeans to show off my legs that go on for ever and I often affix my shorts to my waist with yellow rope because it is cheap and efficient. I wear big ass basketball shoes from grade nine because 13 years later they are still stylish.

...Actually this was my party outfit for Michelle's White Trash Birthday Bash theme party. I think it turned out quite well.

A feeble attempt at humour

A comedy club just opened a few doors down from my house. I wish them the best. I personally do not have most stand up comedians funny. From walking past they don't seem so funny.

I have never been huge stand up fan. I don't find them funny and the whole time I'm nervous that I am going to be the guy in the audience that they point out and make fun of. I do love Margret Cho, Ellen, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon.

I find friends funny and I think I am hilarious. I can make myself laugh out loud while walking down the street. It's got me in trouble before. If you are walking directly towards someone and laughing out loud people may ask you what your problem is. I try to contain it.

I'm pumpin iron

I am starting to work out again. I haven't done weights or anything in about a year. I am back on the pony now for gaming reasons. I want to be able to hold the Nintendo Wii and Nunchuk up in the air for a longer period of time without my arms getting tired.

I'm pretty happy with my body except my arms. They are pretty thin and hollow in parts. Otherwise I'm happy. My legs are good from my marathon walks and stair climbing at work. I walk up 5 flights of stairs at least 10 times a day. In the mornings I do them on my tippie toes working my calves. In the afternoon I do double stairs.

I also added in again sit ups because six packs are great. Having 0% body fat I should have one by September. Also I am doing push ups and back to yoga for additional benefits. I love the way that yoga leaves you feeling like you own the ground more. For someone who falls as much as me. I need that. Once the renos at the West End Y are done I will join. Until then I am doing it at home.

I will show pics of my progress because I am all for gratuitous semi nudity

Prim and proper pussy

I don't think I've ever seen my precious pussy sit like this with one arm over the other. She's one classy bitch!

Now this is a bargain: Ristorante Frozen Pizza

Yummy! My favourite frozen pizza is on sale this week at Dominion for only $3.99. I never would have thought Dominion would be featured on Now this is a bargain.

It comes in tons of varities. My favourite is mushroom. Mmmm! Mushrooms!

A fond farewell to a friend

My friend Natasha and her boyfriend Tom have just started on a new life adventure to the Yukon. They will be missed.

I often fall. Natasha also falls often. Here are my 3 favourite Natasha falls.

1) From standing on a park bench, she slipped off and rolled and bounced very hard down a ditch.
2) She crashed through one those wooden triangle signs that restaurants list thier specials on.
3) This past winter she slipped on ice and slid completely under a running cab that was stopped at a stop sign.

Now with Natasha gone, I become the prominent faller.

Have a great time and mind the ice in the Yukon. There will be a lot of it.

(We are pictured above, 2 years ago posing with our hands full of pussy)

Friday Falls - August 15 Part 2

My career is really getting in the way of Friday Falls. I don't have internet in my edit suite so it's hard to find falling videos while I'm editing. Here are some more.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Music to my Ears: New Peter Bjorn and John

Peter, Bjorn and John are back with a new instrumental album this fall. Click here and select the player on the right to hear thier first single "Inland Empire" Sounds a bit like new Portishead off the top.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My new hoodie

Spring 2008 was a very traumatic time for me and hoodies. On one fateful night while dancing at Sneaky Dee's I decided I would be cooler if I removed my favourite baby blue hoodie and set it on a chair near by.

Then someone grabbed my large baby blue hoodie by mistake and left me with a light purple medium hoodie. It so did not fit. I was heart broken. Even with a wet and stretch attempt it just didn't fit.
So Sad....Until Today when I got a turquoise hoodie. Belle and I tried it on a few weeks ago.

Here are some pics of the hoodie in all it's glory. I hope it becomes my new favourite.

This is horrible

So my favourite brown glasses can not be fixed. They have to try to find matching arms to replace the original ones. Furthermore, my eye specialist is so booked up my appointment to get a new prescription for new glasses is January 22nd, 2009. That is total bullshit. I stressed the fact my glasses are broken and I need them to see and they said there is nothing they could do. If I wanted I could call them periodicly and see if they had cancelations as they don't do a waiting list. I'm gonna call them daily until I annoy them so much that sneak me earlier.

So I am stuck with these black ones for now. They are not my favourites and don't fit as well. They are also a bit bigger around the eyes.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a snug little box

Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I just took out my garbage because it's Wednesday night and I saw an outdoor neighbour cat chilling in a box. I took some pics on my cell phone but the flash of my first first pic scared the cat and it left the box. That pic did not turn out. So here is a shot of the box itself. PUSSY + BOX = talk amongst yourselves. Ha Ha Ha ha!

So cute

At my cousin's wedding this past wedding my parents were cutting up a rug. Something I have never seen before. I have danced with my mom at previous weddings but never seen my cute little dad dance before. For a mid-sixty year old he did a great job. Although he was mildly confused by the YMCA he caught on fast. For my other brother's wedding in July I think I will give my parents a Marky dance boot camp session and then they will be able to wow with the moves. Maybe even a little grinding.

Too much information: H scars

Getting old so blows! About a year ago my body starting growing Cindy Crawford beauty marks. 1 on my hip bone and 1 slightly below my butt. They were small and non-diseased. They are actually called something like dermological cysts. My doctor recommended for cosmetic reasons I get them removed. I popped one with my keys once when I bent down to tie my shoe. So I agree.
The very minor surgery left me with these ugly "H" shaped scars (pictured above.) You better believe I have so been smearing on the vitamin E and cocoa butter. These are not the best looking scars. I am now brought to you by the letter "H.' I should have known when I went for my appointment to get the stitches out and the doctor and nurses had no idea what I was there for and had no records of "the little bit of work I had done" that this was sketchy. My doctor even told me this guy is the best in the business.

I am no stranger to scars, these 2 bring my scar count up to almost 20. I love scars they add so much character and usually a good story follows when asked about it. Being 5'4" when I was 10 and only growing just over a foot between then and now meant my coordination was way off and still is. I have 9 scars alone on my face and head. (mostly around the chin and top of head areas) but these H's stand for horrendous. The beauty cysts were half the size.

Where's the pussy at yo?

I haven't posted about Mya Pussy in quite some time. Rest asure all you pussy fans that Mya is well and swell. She has been hanging out by the box fan all summer long. She spends her afternoons in the cat spa which is located under my bar. It's the best of both worlds. She can get high off cat nip and rub herself senseless off all the rubbing things in the spa. She has also found a new love for her scratching post. Imagine if everytime a human got excited they ran up to a carpet pilar and starting scratching it. That would be awesome and hilarious to see.

Mya just found a new spot to retreat to in the evenings, she rotates every couple months. I guess when you are sequesturd for life in a one bedroom apartment thats how you keep things interesting. She just moved from the top of the living room couch to the arm of the lounge chair in my boudoir ( pictured above.) Actually when looking up the correct spelling of boudior I found out that only ladies have boudoirs. So I guess I should say my La Chambre.

They need all the support they can get

With Countries like Togo and Uzbekistan having won medals and Canada still not having one they need all the support they can get. After 5 days of standing and cheering I think my nephews have the right idea. We could be in for a long 2 weeks.