Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doritos Yum Yum!

I absolutley love doriotos. My favourites are spicy with a bit of zesty mixed in. Zesty is not great by itself but awesome when mixed with spicy. They have a new flavour called collisions. all is good with this. They are hot wings and blue cheese but this mofo has been making his own collisions for years now. Bring on the spicy and zesty. Yum Yum!!!!!

yummy yummy Doritos!!!!!

Les Switch, Oui, Oui S'il vous plaît

My 2 best friends Belle and Michelle are half of a hot new band called Les Switch. They had there first show last night at the Revival and they killed it. This is one proud parent here. Check out this video. The video is messed it's really fast but the audio is still good. If you watch to the end a certain someone gets a special shout out. I love my ladies.

This Bitch is the Shit!

Here is Mya Pussy. I love her!

This bitch is off the hook. Mya is like no ordinary cat. Nor I'm I a cat person. Mya was my best friend Belle's cat. Belle went travelling the world and took in Mya and now she is mine. She is the best roommate I could have now.

Mya loves to meet new people and long walks on the beach, DVD nights, cat nip and of course, me.


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Blog! It's been a long time coming and I am thrilled to share my adventures with you. I often have crazy stories so now this gives the outlet to share them and re-live them for years to come. What do you mean Mark you ask?

Well, Firstly, I am a spaz, if someone can be walking straight on a side walk one second and be lying on thier back in the middle of the road the next, it's me. I often fall. I am also extremely approachable. If a homeless crack whore is going to corner someone and rub them down. It's me! Add to this my disgust for germs and strict routines and schedules and there you have it. Mark the spaz.

Before we get on with the blog here is a bit more about me.

I'm 27, Male, Tall, Dark and Handsome (Ha Ha) with legs that go on for ever, Single. I have a cat named Mya Pussy. She's awesome and will be showing in the blogs quite regularily I am sure. I live in Toronto, ON and work in TV Production. My hobbies include dancing, live music, alcohol, food, alcohol, dancing, wii, avoiding germs (this will come up a lot) and alcohol.

The most important thing is to not take yourself to seriously. I think I'm hilarious. When I fall I am the first to laugh. I have also been called a freak of Nature before. That is funny as well. I don't consider myself quite a freak. What I do for me works for me, it may not work for you.

I like things short and sweet so this is probably the longest blog you will get from me.

Okay, yeah, Fun.
My first post!
Enjoy the Ride!